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President Jonathan respond to Founder of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore

“Dear Omoyele Sowore,

RE: Sahara Reporters on “Culture of Waste and Insensitivity” and the 18th AU Summit

I observe that you have made no effort, following my earlier explanations, to amend your story titled “Culture of Waste And Insensitivity Continues As Mrs. Jonathan Arrives Addis Ababa With 32 Aides” (Sahara Reporters), and have allowed your readers to rely on deliberate misinformation. The story in question does not reflect the true state of affairs with regard to the President’s delegation to the 18th annual African Union (AU) Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I therefore want to set the records straight by making the following observations:

1. There is only one Nigerian Delegation to this summit not two as your report suggests. Specifically, the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, has no delegation, official or unofficial, to this summit, and she did not arrive in Addis Ababa with “32 aides.”

2. You correctly reported that Mr. President travelled with a “25-person delegation to Addis Ababa for the 18th African Union Summit” but after salting your story with a dash of hype and peppering it with innuendo you have managed to cook up the impression that there are 57 Nigerian delegates in Addis Ababa. This is not fair.

3. The Nigerian Entourage list contains 35 names in total, however three of those whose names are listed did not join the delegation and the total number of delegates in Addis Ababa is not more than 32. This includes two Senators (the Chair of the Senate committee on NEPAD and another member), a member of the House of Representatives (NEPAD House of Reps), essential aides of the First couple, and Foreign Ministry Officials. Mr. President meant every word of it when he said that only persons who have work to do will be allowed to travel, officially.

4. As you well know, Nigeria is a free country; President Jonathan cannot prevent Nigerians from travelling to Ethiopia or anywhere else without good reason, legal sanction or authority. If there are other Nigerians in Addis Ababa, they are certainly not official delegates, and they have nothing to do with the First Lady.

5. It has become Sahara Reporters’ favourite sport to taint and bait President Jonathan with hooks and details that are inconvenient with the truth. You do your readers and Nigeria no favours by this shrill and deliberate misrepresentation of information.

6. President Jonathan remains committed to the Constitution he swore to protect and defend. You have a responsibility to report the truth.

Reuben Abati

Special Adviser to the President

(Media and Publicity)

January 29, 2012″
What are you thinking?

15 Responses to “President Jonathan respond to Founder of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore”

  1. Oluseyi Adebola says:

    Thank you Reuben. Sahara’s misrepresentation of government is indeed shameful. They feed nigerians with wrong, sexed-up information all the time. I wish people would see SR for the unethical goons they are. Gone are the days when Journalism was practiced with some ethos… With people like SR out there.. Truth would always evade us..

  2. Abdulsalam says:

    Leave Mr Reuben Abati alone, na him turn to chop so he has to do Oga’s bidding whether it is right or wrong. When he is through, he will be so rich that he wont bother talking/writing about good governance and waste by govts. Let us look else where for patriots, better still let us be that patriots that will save Nigeria.

  3. Kpayan says:

    It is certain that a person who is filled up, can never talk for the hungry one, that is the case with Reuben Abati. As for the president and his entourage, 32 aides are just too much for comfort. I wonder if he’d not announced the austerity measures in governance spending, may be he would have gone to AU summit with 100 aides. Bunch of waisters! at the helm of affairs.

  4. Adeoluwanike says:

    It is sad that someone like Reuben Abati cld turn over like this. So all those days of seeming nationalism is over. What a shame! Another unpatriotic patriot has been exposed.

  5. ay says:

    There goes another traitor! These fools in government sure know how to shut greedy idiots like that out of shape Reuben Abati up. Jonathan & his cohorts have given you a position now you think you’re holier than thou. What is the President doing with 32 aides when more than half of the citizenry live on one dollar a day?? If you, Reuben Abati has any conscience at all, you should be the first one to report that wasteful spending & unnecessary expense, you should be on Sahara Reporters side instead of writing threatening letters & pointing accusing finger. Your evil deeds will catch up with you, pretty soon. Just you watch!

  6. jide says:

    I am particularly thrilled by the fact that Rueben Abati wrote this on behalf of the “first family”. A man who at some point wrote with impunity derogatorily about the youth’s of this nation. Sir, I will just like to point out that it is now clear who passed on to our generation this culture of waste; thus your struggle to defend your employer! God give us men, who the spoil of office won’t pocket their conscience.

  7. isah A says:

    The process of change is gradually taking it course,Mr President is doing well,we should give him all the support he needs to transform this nation

  8. Emmanuel idowu says:

    I wander what she is .doing there, is it a meeting of the first lady or for the presidend of African nations, tell deDame to sit @ home and let her husband do his work.

  9. Dolor Dickens says:

    I really do not understand that part of the statement “Specifically, the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, has no delegation, official or unofficial, to this summit”. Let someone remind the President that the First Lady is recognized in the constitution as the wife of the President and not an officer in Nigeria. She was not voted for and as such,the is no such thing as the Office of the First lady and should not have any aid except security and domestic aids

  10. Amos Onileagbon says:

    I wl like to form my own opinions. Can Sahara Reporters and d presidency supply a list of d delegates n their duties in Ethiopia? If neither can do ds, then some people should shut up n allow us 2 suffer in peace. (by d side, transport costs ar up by over 50% n yet no palliative measures, nt even d buses promised by d FG ar plying d roads n no improvement in electricity supply yet)

    • CEO says:

      Well said. Even 35/32 people are extremely many!!! A list would provide clarification on why we need so many people on anyone’s entourage!!!


    When we have Vagabond In Powers we shouldn’t xset much from them bcos we know their ANTECEDENT. Bunch of moribund

  12. Theman says:


  13. mohammad kabeer says:

    am how has your policies been of benefit to 9ja’s. shout ur big mouth, u paid ass hole


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