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President Jonathan announce he wants to negotiate with Terrorist Group, Boko Haram

In an interview with Reuters on thursday at the Presidential Villa, President Goodluck Jonathan asked Terrorist Group, Boko Haram to identify themselves and state clearly their demands as a basis for negotiation with the Federal Governmnet of Nigeria.
President Jonathan said Boko Haram had links with other Jihadist groups outside Nigeria.
President Jonathan stated during the Reuters interview, “If they clearly identify themselves now and say this is the reason why we are resisting, this is the reason why we are confronting government or this is the reason why we destroy some innocent people and their properties, then there will be a basis for dialogue, We will dialogue, let us know your problems and we will solve your problem but if they don’t identify themselves, who will you dialogue with? Military confrontation alone will not eliminate terror attacks, an enabling environment for young people to find jobs is needed. Our commitment is to make sure our irrigation programs are all revitalized so most of these young people are engaged in productive agriculture and will not be free for them to recruit. If anybody invited Osama bin Laden (to disussion), he wouldn’t have appeared. Boko Haram, if you invite them, they will not come. They operate without a face, they operate without a clear identity, so it is difficult to interface with such a group. That is the greatest difference between Boko Haram and the Niger Delta issue,”
On Boko Haram’s links to jihadist groups such as Al Qaeda’s North African wing, President Jonathan stated, “There is a lot of evidence there is linkages, no doubt about that. Meetings are being held in North Africa, the movement of people in these places have been monitored and noticed. The level of involvement and probably in terms of funding and equipment, I do not know,”
On the possibility of Civil War in Nigeria, President Jonathan stated, “There is no way Nigeria will go into civil war. Violence in modern day Nigeria are conducted by “pressure groups” using it to intimidate and threaten rather than full blown armies.”
On security in Nigeria, President Jonathan stated, “Terrorism is new in Nigeria, and since its new, the security services have to change their methods. You cannot change methods overnight. But we will do more.”
On internal sponsors of Boko Haram, President Jonathan stated, “I will not rule out that maybe some politicians get close to some members of Boko Haram, but I will not say that Boko Haram is a political group trying to undo Goodluck Jonathan; I cannot say it’s because a southerner and a Christian is president that the Boko Haram saga comes up.”
On the recent #Occupy Nigeria movement and corruption in Nigeria’s Oil industry, President Jonathan stated, “Nigerians are angry about certain things government has not been able to conclude very quickly. Reports of corruption in the oil ministry and elsewhere are being investigated but i cannot sack anyone in the ministry until i see proof of misconduct. You cannot sentence a person without trial. I believe that before the end of February, I’m very hopeful, we’ll submit the Petroluem Industry bill to the national assembly. But of course, the president has no powers over the national assembly.”
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6 Responses to “President Jonathan announce he wants to negotiate with Terrorist Group, Boko Haram”

  1. Hafizu Y. Hassan Kundila says:

    You see this the problem with we Nigerians some say dat let’s us unite and be one some idiot are buzy using abusive words do u think dat those people have fault do they not come out in the first place what happen the soldiers whent ahead and killed their people thinking that they can crush them I know Mr Precident mind is good but u his people u are the onece that want to put him into problem. To u Mr. Precident is a good one their but no dat even if they come out they are not going to come out all of them so don’t try to do the same mistake u did with Muhammed Yusuf because it will become worse again. Hafizu a student of Political Sci. in Adamawa state university Mubi

    • mathewbanji says:

      @Hafizu, What kind of human being ‘re u? So u don’t see anything wrong in what your group Boko Haram ‘re doing? Haaaaaa! God! pls open Hafizu’s eyes to see where he ‘ll be, when he die.

      • ARD says:

        @Mathewbanji, first and foremost, let me make it clear to u that am 100% against the activities of BH, it is unislamic, terrorism, barbaric to say the list. However, i wish to remind u that this whole issue was created by govt and it security operatives. Did u had the opportunity to watch the extrajudicial killings of so called Boko Haram sects including disabled as caught by aljazeera? That’s the greatest barbaric act for pple meant to protect life and property. Believe it or not, if u careful watch the video and analyse it without bias, u will come to singular conclusion that, the killing is beyond their activities, but personal hatred. Typical of Nigerian govt, they announced that they are investigating and will bring those behind it to book, but to date nothing has been heard or done. What do you expect from someone that is saddled with poverty, poor standard of living, and hopelessness? Of course, nothing to loose attitude wil grow in his mind. GEJ has good intention, dialogue with them, let there be job oppurtunities for this youth to engage into. Even Americans are trying to create such avenue with Taliban. May God bless Nigeria.


    I hope dis isn’t another efforts in vains…

  3. Why negotiate wit dis amorphous,slippery group of well cordinated fanatics terrorists whose spiriual joy is derived from maximum evil?

  4. Ubong David says:

    The truth must be told always. Certain individuals are hell-bent to destroy Nigeria for whatever reason but I strongly believe in one united Nigeria. This is our moment of challenges as a people and we must unite more than before to address national issues not to blame the President even when somebody fail exam, it is the President that is responsible. This is unpatriotic and should be jettison. He is human and cant get everything right. Lets move Nigeria from the shackle of hate and sentiments to where it belongs. We will all have reasons to rejoice.


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