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Youths take over Police station in Kano State, Nigeria; Open Jail Cell Gates; Pictures

Suspected members of Terrorist Group, Boko Haram, ordered civilians to go home on tuesday night as they threw homemade bombs into the Sheka neighborhood Police Station in Kano City, Kano State, Nigeria. Also, the suspected members of Boko Haram were singing “God is Great” as they sprayed the Police station with assault rifle fire.
On wednesyday, Youths jubilated at the Sheka neighborhood Police station; they waved a Nigerian Police Officer’s uniform, were beating on a Nigerian Police vehicle, Jumped up and down on a Police vehicle, and a youth was seen wearing the helmet supposedly belonging to a Nigerian Police Officer.
Some Youths asked Journalists at the site of this proceedings if they were Christians.
Youths totally took over the Sheka neighborhood Police Station; Gates to Jail cells were open, files at the Police Station were scattered across the Police Station site, and Blood was in an Office in the Police Station.
Nigerian Troops, Police Officers, Nigerian State Police (State Security Services), nor any other Nigerian Government commissioned security services were seen at the Sheka neighborhood Police Station site.
Older men around the Sheka neighborhood tried to calm the youths, with one attempting to lock up the Sheka neighborhood Police Station.
A youth stated, “We are not satisfied with what is happening now, our leaders have to call this Boko Haram and sit down with them.”
It can be noted that Terrorist group, Boko Haram, attacked Kano city, Kano State, Nigeria on friday, January 20, 2012 killing at least 179 People.
Youths rejoice at the Sheka neighborhood Police Station site

Jail cell of the Sheka neighborhood Police Station Open

Children look through the window of an office in the Sheka neighborhood Police Station

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5 Responses to “Youths take over Police station in Kano State, Nigeria; Open Jail Cell Gates; Pictures”


    Nigeria Police is the Nemesis of AnimalHaram. Total overhauling is the Solution…

  2. segun says:

    This is absolutely lawlessness, this should be checked! So many activities like begging for alms (Alumon jeri) should be discouraged, youth should be kept busy there, atleast doing something meaningful, giving some jobs even if it’s small. All these nonsense should stop!

  3. Phil Mike Paku says:

    Mr Hafia Ringim as AIG in charge of zone 9
    failed in his duty when kidnappers took over
    Abia the zonal sit and the entire south-east
    states. During his regime as IG boko haram
    increased and became powerful, bomb police
    houses, churches, UN office, killed
    defenceless civilians and many escaped from
    police custody… Yet he received national award and resigned
    honourably. Where is Kabiru Sokoto???? Who will be held responsible?? Hmmm, even with the appointment of this new IG, the rat race continues!

  4. Abeni A.O says:

    This is absolutely shameful that a Nigerian police force paid to safeguard lives and properties of Nigerians cannot even protect themselves, these BK are set for a showdown withthe security agents and the public and there is no end in site as to their many atrocities. May God save Nigeria, Amen.


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