Founder of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore, disgrace President Jonathan’s delegation; American Police refuse to Arrest him

It can be noted that President Jonathan’s delegation held a town hall style meeting in Houston, Texas, U.S.A on Monday, January 16, 2012 like the one that was disrupted in New York, U.S.A. President Jonathan’s delegation to the meeting on Fuel Subsidy were late to the Town hall meeting; the delegation of President Jonathan included Former House of Representatives member, Ambassador, and Secretary of the Presidential Committee on Fuel Subsidy, Dr. Jerry Ugokwe, and Honourable Minister of State for External Affairs, Professor Viola Onwuliri. The founder of Nigerians Saving Nigerians, Omololu Omotosho and his comrade, Ade Matrxx, raised important concerns to the delegation of President Jonathan to Houston, Texas, U.S.A but the concerns of Ade Matrxx were ignored and the response to the concerns of Omololu Omotosho by the Minister of State for External Affairs, Professor Viola Onwuliri, could not hold water. The Honourable Minister of State for External Affairs, Professor Viola Onwuliri, said during the Presidential Committee on Fuel Subsidy Town Hall Meeting held in Houston, Texas, U.S.A on Monday, January 16, 2012 that President Jonathan sent troops to stop the Ojota, Lagos state, Nigeria Mass Protest in order to take Preemptive safety measures because of the possibility of a Boko Haram Bombing.

What are you thinking?

16 Responses to “Founder of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore, disgrace President Jonathan’s delegation; American Police refuse to Arrest him”

  1. udoh Ekanem says:

    This the way we should deals with those criminals politicians that damages our economics. Omoyele go ahead.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This the way we should deals with those criminals politicians that damages our economics. Omoyele go ahead.

  3. sowore omoyele keep up the good work. the lord is your strength. #abetternigeria

  4. Akintayo says:

    Bravo Sowore and others! Nigeria will be free from these idiots one day.

  5. A STRONG PRE-TRIED WAY To Stop The Military Attacks On Nigeria INSTANTLY!!!

    WHILE HERE THERE ARE NUMEROUS COMMENTATORS THAT ARE CLEARLY HONEST AND FAIR AND COMMUNITY-RESPECTING, AMONG THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ‘KEY-BOARD-RESPONDING’ TO THE MAIN TITLES OF THE WEBSITE OR TO EACH OTHER, THERE ARE ALSO A FEW PERSONS WHOSE INFUSIONS ARE BLUNTLY MISLEADING AND BIASED AND SOCIETY-ENDANGERING. Of such kind of Dangerous and Ambushing “Hiddenly-Assigned” web-writers, you can find examples who would pretend they are Nigerian-Based, or African-Based, but in reality they are writing to you from a Military/Intelligence Bureau, West of the Atlantic Ocean!!! AND THE CHIEFS OVER THERE ALWAYS START TO REACT, as soon as You get ‘Web-Noticed’, in a way that shows that you are THREATENINGLY starting to : SUSPECT-ABOUT AND RE-THINK THE REALITY OF THE ‘BREAKING’ WRECKY-HAVOCKY INCIDENTS, AND REVISE AND DISBELIEVE THE ACCOMPANYING PRE-WORDED INTERNATIONAL-MEDIA NONSENSE, AND THEN EVALUATE AND ANALYZE THE ‘DIFFERING’ PURE SOLID FACTS THAT WERE MEDIA-OMITTED OR NEGLECTED. The West of the Atlantic Ocean Chiefs hostile reactions can range from: Trying to pull and bring back you, or at least who read you, to their Mean-Liars-World again, ‘Writingly’, .. And till to: Hunting and tracking you down in your homeland country, to force matters with you ‘Physically’!!!
    The urgency of these ‘OVER-CONCERNED’ reactions, for them, comes from the fact that they Cannot Afford to be caught RED-HANDED WITH THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT PEOPLE, on a ‘plans-hampering’ wide scale. They can afford to be caught on a ‘plans-passing’ narrow scale, only.
    For example, when the “Globalist Pentagon-War-Lords” were suddened and surprized by the Pakistani Combined Popular/Official Concentrated Spotlighting and Elevated Denouncing on the 2-hour USAF air-raid on Pakistani Soldiers, the U.S. Department-Of-Defense Killers had to stop killing the Pakistani Soldiers and Civilians alike, for a good while. The Pakistanis continued to play it well, and tied them-up even more, when they rejected to ‘RESUME’ and ‘REJOIN’ New-World-Order activities with the United States Of America, in a held-later German-based conference !!!
    Similarly, when the Indonesians, GOVERNMENTALLY AND POPULARLY, chose to bravely Media-Expose the Secret U. S. A. Marines Criminal Activities of Infecting the Indonesian Peoples with Swine-Flu Viruses, and Injecting them with the Related Poisonous Alleged-Vaccines, .. the Un-Expecting and Stunned “Depopulating-Doers” [=Killers] of the Pentagon were faced with a Single Sponteneous Reaction to do, And that was to stop the Secret Mass-Killings, at once.
    So, there seems to be NO-ESCAPE for the Nigerians now from resorting to EXPOSING THE ACTUAL MASS-KILLING-DOERS, The Pentagon-City Dwellers, …etc., Who Surely Have The Only Kind And Level Of Weapons That Can Efficiently And Swiftly Smash And Pulverize The Nigerian Cities Like That.

  6. ken says:

    Sowore is a disgrace to journalism. His cowardice has shielded him from seeing anything good in GEJ’s govt. What contributions has he made to nation building other than destructive criticisms which will never help to fix anything. Get in touch wit other pple present at d said meeting and get a true account of what happened. Forget his SR.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who are you to say any one is a disgrace to journalism even though i was not there to know the full account of what happened the clear fact is that Nigeria is a nation run by a dysfunctional government and we need people that can stand in the face of this corrupt bastards we call leaders and let them know that we are not stupid. Note: poor use of appropriate sentence and wordings you are not sending a text message

    • Anonymous says:

      pls ken can u kindly state to tis forum who u are and wat u do, cos i can feel u part of the shameless government or a relative of one. cos i do not see where a govt is runned without consultations with the masses. pls wear ur thinking cap and think straight

    • thomas says:

      ken u must be out of ur freaking mind…i dont know uand dont even care to…

  7. Well done again again and again

  8. What can I say here, but Well Done and again Well Done some more

    More grease to your elbow to True Dedicated Nigerians:-)))

  9. my comrade,Omoyele sowore i know what u can do,u ve done it when u are nobody wt IBB,i know u can still do it u lay down ur life down 4 liberation of naija uth,i strongly believe in u.

  10. Wale says:

    Sowore,God give you the strength and courage to continue our fight. We need a leader in Nigeria to champion the cause of the masses,Labour has sold us out

  11. Moses says:

    I hope it was not Nigerian resources that was used to get to such an important meeting late. Des Govt officials are irresponsible in everyway


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