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NLC,TUC, AND JAF Suspend Strike and Protests; NLC President release statement

This is a transcript of the joint statement that Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), TRADE UNION CONGRESS (TUC), and JOINT ACTION FRONT (JAF) released on friday, January 13, 2011
“The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Joint Action Front (JAF) commend the Nigerian people for turning out in their millions since Monday January 9, 2012, to protest the astronomical increase in the price of PMS (Petrol). We commend them for their resolute stand and insistence in struggling for a better country.
The Labour Movement and its civil society allies after nationwide consultations has decided that this weekend, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th January, 2012, will be observed as strike, protest and rally-free days.

We ask Nigerians to utilize these days to rest, restock and get re-energize for the continuation of the strikes, rallies and protests from Monday 16th January, 2012.

Discussions with Government
The NLC, TUC and their allies in the Civil Society Movement on Thursday 12th January, 2012 met with the Senate leadership, Nigeria Governors Forum and the Executive Arm.

At the meeting, Labour asked the Presidency to suspend the new petrol (PMS) price increases announced on January 1, 2012. In return, we offered to suspend forthwith, the strikes, mass rallies and street protests. We also suggested that an expanded committee be set up which would discuss the fuel subsidy issue and pricing for petrol.

The Government side presented a counter proposal asking Labour to negotiate new fuel prices. Since we had no such mandate, Labour declined and decided to return to its National Executive Council meetings which will be held on Saturday 14th January, 2012 for a possible expanded mandate.

Labour commends the National Assembly for its intervention and further urges the Presidency to be more reconciliatory towards the people and show more understanding and sensitivity to their feelings and collective interests.

Owei Lakemfa John Kolawole
NLC Acting General Secretary TUC Secretary General”

NLC president, Abduwaheed Omar, stated at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria rally on friday January 13, 2012
“Yesterday or day before yesterday, I swore to you that we are people of honour and integrity. I swore to you that we will do that which we are asked to do by the people. For if anybody is practicing true democracy we are the people practicing true democracy. The capacity to go and sit in the air-condition with those in position of authority. Again it’s a privilege to shake with Mr. President, Vice President, Senate president, Minister and everybody but it will be easy for us also to say okay, we are representing you so whatever they say then we agree on behalf of the people. But are we being fair? No. this is exactly what we are saying that because people put us here and they have given us mandate. We must have to carry out the mandate of the people and do you remember the mandate people gave us? What is the mandate? N65 or nothing! I tell you comrades this is exactly the message we have sent across to the government.
We are aware that there are a lot of rumours going round. Some people will say labour has compromised. They have given them money, given them this and that. I don’t know comrade who will have the courage after taking somebody’s food, you will still look at him in the face and abuse him, is it possible? We went and told them that the mandate we have from Nigerian people is that you have to revert back to N65. And when government insisted and they keep saying they are not ready to come down and reduce the price. We told them that we have principals but because we have a system, it is just by calling the people who gave us the mandate. We said the highest thing we can do is to go back to our principal. We will give them the message and it is up to them to give us either a new message or say what are you talking, go back and maintain our position.
By the night, we could not agree yesterday with the government. Despite all their pleas and what they told us that our economy will collapse, we told them we have a mandate and our standing mandate is reverse back to N65.
we have discussed here and I told you times without number that some government agencies have been trying all they could to destabilize us in Abuja. And the only way they think they can do is by sending people to create certain problem then government will now make a broadcast that because of the security threat in Abuja, there is going to be 24 hours curfew from dusk to dawn so that they will not allow us to come out to meet again. But we believe our strength is always lie with our unity and collectivity. We must continue to come out. We are very grateful to you that you are not getting tired, in fact more and more people are coming and we will continue to come but comrade please you must also bear with us. As your leaders we will never lead you astray by the grace of God but please take it that all plans to create problem, we must avoid them.
We have a committee that plans everything we do everyday. That is why we take different route everyday. Today, in consideration of so many factors, our planners said the only way we can get relaxed during the weekend so that by Monday if government is yet to change cost of fuel from N145 per litre to N65, we are going to come out on Monday very strong. Please those who have never come here before, inform them maybe they are your brothers, sisters or your friend or even your parent because in Lagos, all ladies came out to the streets and protested. So tell everybody that we should start coming in such a way that we must be noticed. If Nigerian government will not notice us, we would be so large that the international communities will notice us and they will begin to talk to them.
We want to make sure that people will get refreshed by the weekend but Monday morning, it is going to be mother of all crowds. Do we agree? Yes, Do you agree? Yes. I must say again on behalf of my colleagues that we are grateful. Several agencies of government attempted hired crowd, where they will say they will give them N5, 000 each and get 1, 000 people. The 1, 000 would disappear in less than 1, 000 seconds. As soon as they have taken the money they will go away nobody is giving you anything but you are here because you are patriotic, because you love Nigeria and you want your welfare to improve. Therefore, this is something we must continue to do. I want to assure you to relax tomorrow and next tomorrow. We will get ready for greater struggle beginning from Monday.”
What are you thinking?

22 Responses to “NLC,TUC, AND JAF Suspend Strike and Protests; NLC President release statement”

  1. Onwuzurike ruth says:

    Kudos 2 NLC, mr president we al are waiting 4 ur promise.let see what u wil do with d money saved from subsidy. Til then long live the fed rep of nig, long live Africa,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Labour u are 2 much may god do u all the best in life and may god help our country in general.

  3. Bamisebi ola says:

    Thanks, comrade , mr president does nt want too be a servant, but he want 2 be a dictator to all nigeria, which is not possible. I ave said this before election dat JONATHAN can’t rule this country, for example, when he was acting president of these nation nothing 2 point out dat he did for these country . Secondly, we are nt stoping at subsidy aloan bt mr president must disclose his asset 2 all nigerian publicly

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jonatan have forgotten in ur campaign that u urged all nigerian of all ages to campaign and vote for u that u are going to make a great positive change in the life of the masses? Why do u turn ur self to a liar,a deciever and a betrayer?.

  5. Gbolahan says:

    What people dont know is dis: president jonathan meant well for his people in d creek,where bunkery is their soul business. Secondly,dont u think his phd is questionable. Because he doesnt understand d word ‘DEMOCRACY’. Finally,d cabals has shown him d easiest way of making money without stress,how will he say No. Comrades,aluta continua.

  6. Innocent says:

    U’re a leader,u’re a leader,u’re a leader.kudos 2 u comrades.i’ll like u to sing dis song on d monday sir, ‘jonathan lo sora o,egbere becareful o,oba to pa sanni abacha lai lo kondo ko ma sohun ti o lese,alagbara ni. Tomb up to u.

  7. ogunbowale oluwatoyin says:

    To you comrades, i really appreciate your efforts, your non-lacadaisical attitude and optimistic nature. May the lord take us to our promise land. And to all nigerians, i say thank you for your efforts and fights to eradicate corruption and poverty in our nation.

    As a nigerian, i want to use this medium to say this and let everyone pass this on till it get’s to our able president (GEJ). Looking at our economy, it is the worst amidst it’s colleagues and yet the money going into government fundings is the most expensive compared to other countries in Africa. The masses are suffering, we need a better nigeria. But what he is merely doing now is that, he is compounding our renowned poverty. And his non-challant attitude towards restoring the fuel subsidy is really eating up the lives of our compatriots. Now please tell me,if mr president is telling us that the latter is gonna be better than the former life we are living,who will enjoy it then when his fucking policy has taken the lives of most nigerians in the process of fighting for their rights? Please, be reasonable and save our lives GEJ,cos the masses really needs consideration. May God lead us aright.

  8. Dare A says:

    Kudos to u sir(comrade),had i know dat stupid gentle man is indeed stupid i would have not cast my vote 4 him (badluck egbere jonatan)

  9. Anonymous says:

    yes indeed!, comrades u r truely men of integrity and do not let dis corrupt govt ingect u wit their inconsiderate thinking toward d masses. u r all dat we can rely upon now dat we are complete sure dat our govt has no interest in our well being as a whole country. we will continue to support u in wat eva way we can cos united we rise and divided we fall. thank you NLC, TUC, JAF and all

  10. Anonymous says:

    yes indeed!, comrades u r truely men of integrity and do not let dis corrupt govt ingect u wit their inconsiderate thinking toward d masses. u r all dat we can rely upon now dat we are complete sure dat our govt has no interest in our well being as a whole country. we will continue to support u in wat eva way we can cos united we rise and divided we fall. thank you NLC and all

  11. Anonymous says:

    Chief Femi Fani Kayode,is allso a criminal he dont av anything to tell nigerians,when he was a minister he get a duplex 4 univasity girl with our own money in Abuja. He is a criminal

  12. Temi says:

    Comrades,respects to you for your love to your fellow citizens.i wonder without u people wat would have become of us.jonathan nigerians are highly dissappointed in you.their actually voted for you believing with you changes will come to the nation especially with the masses.instead you brings in boko haram,removal of fuel subsidy.may GOD punish you and your entourages IJN AMEN.

  13. Eryko says:

    Well done comrades,God will be your strenght.govt will behave like this bcos they were not part of nign,they live far above d citizery.another rally needs to be organised in which there salaries nd allowance has to be determin by d masses,that’s another wastage on nig resour.

  14. Onwuzurike ruth says:

    Mr president dis is not d fresh air u promise us remember whn u dont hav a shoe 2 wear, now dat u hav, dnt 4get d poor masses pls here deir cry.many corpers died bcos of u last year y den surfer us put things n other first b4 fuel we al get naija God bless fed rep of nig! Not gudluck

  15. Mope says:

    Gej, B watchful cos ile n yoo ni, (d ground is slippery) even witout water. So dat u won’t b ‘once upon a time’. D crown doesn’t make one a king but wat u av upstairs i.e wisdom.

  16. SHAKIRAT ALLI says:

    comrades, i salute ur courage, enthusiasm nd ur zeal wt wh u dscharge ur leadership role, may God continue to uphold all of you. pls dnt let any of these so called govt. buy u over. we av heard a lot of rumours bt always av it in mind dt you are men of integrity, even as u meet wt ur superiors tomorrow, pls speak d mind of d masses. let us all speak wt one voice nd dt is #65 per litre or nothn. we appreciate all of you, may almighty God reward you.

  17. Michael says:

    Goodluck Ebere Jonathan…….
    The man who won an election
    few months ago on his Claim of
    having no shoes as a boy…..
    The son of a fisher man from
    Otuoke creek has now bluntly
    refused to listen to voice of
    reason….and I wonder what is
    wrong with this man…
    Have you forgotten the child of
    whom you are???
    What are you doing in the midst
    of Sanusi Lamido, Iweala and
    Ere ki ni Aja n ba ekun she…..
    (what game would bring a dog
    and a tiger together) what good
    advise would you get from these
    spoilt brats)…..
    Sanusi….a grandson of the emir
    and son of a permanent
    secretary…..a noble blood with a
    university degree in sharia from
    SUDAN…..he was never as hungry
    as you were…
    You are even an infidel where he
    is concerned …..Your association
    can only mean trouble…….and
    Iweala……..the daughter of a
    Professor and king in ogwashi
    ukwu and…..An IMF
    returnee…….everybody in her
    family went to harvard…….she had
    ice cream for breakfast while you
    were walking barefooted looking
    for fish in the sun of ogbia…..
    Common! What are you doing
    with her………….
    And then diezan madueke ……the
    daughter of chief Agama and
    wife of Admiral madueke……what
    are you doing aroud dis
    Please listen 2 people who are
    just like your father…..
    fishermen, boatmaker , mechanic,
    tailor, okada man etc who would
    suffer greatly from your
    Listen to people like you who had
    no shoes… Femi Falana,
    Chinua Achebe.etc …
    Pls, lets re-broadcast till this gets
    to him and his family!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Comrades,well done,dnt get tire,bcos govt of Nigr has a way of manupulatng pple,strugle continue untl Gudluck no dat is pple of intgrty he is rulng,i pray dat God wl c us tru.

  19. Anonymous says:

    You are a great leaders to Lead Nigeria to a greater level, kudos to NLC&TUC.

  20. luku says:


  21. Most of our govenor are snallk under d d special grace of our Almighty Allah.all part of dere body we not b friendship wt dem.amen.d battle continuer on monday.

  22. tope says:

    Well done our leaders,this protest is going beyond subsidy…….we must make them accountable to the masses.Comrades sirs,lets ve the change we all yearn for now once and for all.therefore,all hands must be on desk for total uprooting of cabals.God bless Nigeria.tx


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