Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media, Mr. Reno Omokri, show contempt on Facebook to Nigerian Citizen By Omololu Omotosho

Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media, Mr. Reno OmokriI witnessed the Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media, Mr. Reno Omokri, demean a Nigerian citizen on facebook and i intervened out of my zest for justice.
This is the transcript of the conversation that occured via facebook on tuesday, January 10, 2012
Mr. Reno Omokri updated his status on facebook:
“”Two things happened when man fell. 1-Man lost dominion over the earth. 2-Man sinned and was condemned to death.Therefore, for God to restore His purpose for mankind and the earth, He had to lift that death sentence on man’s head. Then after that, he had to restore dominion to man.This is what Jesus meant in John 10:10 when He said-the thief comes to steal (your dominion) kill ( death sentence for sin) and destroy (God’s purpose for man) but I come that they may have life (lifting the death sentence on man via His sacrificial death) and have it more abundantly (the abundant life that you have when your dominion is restored). But all these are promised to only those who believe in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. As we approach 2012, consider the words of Jesus In John 14:6 “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” There is no other way. So if you have not entered through the Jesus way, think deeply and make that decision to make Jesus your Saviour. If you believe, say “Jesus, I believe in you and your sacrificial death on the cross as well as your resurrection. Come into my heart, I confess you as my Lord and Saviour”. Now if you have done this, look for a bible believing church and start to study the bible. Don’t be ashamed. Remember Jesus said In Matthew 10:32-33 “Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven.”"
Mr. Yomi Olugbenro stated: “‎12 pressing questions on my mind:
1. N240b was budgeted in 2011 and N1.3t was spent on fuel subsidy. Who approved the extra N1 trillion and more? Extra budgetary spending?
2. Maximum of N300b was spent on fuel subsidy on annual basis up to 2010. Who were those that approved the papers for the payment of N1.3t in 2011?
3. We were told that selling fuel at N65 in Nigeria will keep encouraging smuggling to neighbouring countries where fuel sells for between N170 to N200 per litre. Will that stop if fuel is sold at N140 in Nigeria? Isn’t there enough incentive between selling at N140 and N200 or is there a plan to actually move the price to N200 (since we are the “giant of Africa”?)
4. What did we do with the billions of dollars saved from the World Bank and IMF’s debt forgiveness? The same minister is still in power.
5. We started privatisation since 26 years ago with the continued promise that recurrent expenditure would be reduced. But recurrent expenditure has increased from 50% to 73% as at 2011. How has our own privatisation resulted in building up of overheads?
6. Why can’t we make a scape goat of those who have enriched themselves and impoverished Nigerians through corruption in government?
7. “Nigeria is broke” as they want us to believe, but the President want 6 presidential jets in his fleet when the British PM flies BA. Who is fooling who?
8. How can the government continue to ask the already improvised Nigerians to keep making sacrifices for a “better tomorrow” when they live in opulence and luxury at the expense of our collective wealth?
9. What is difference between this government and previous administration that will make Nigerians believe their empty promises?
10. Do we need 42 ministers and the retinue of advisers, special advisers and senior special advisers that follows?
11. Do we really need a full-time national assembly?
12. Do we really need two different chambers of national assembly?”
Mr. Reno Omokri replied: “Yomi Olugbenro This space is entirely devoted to the projection of my personal beliefs in God through His Son Jesus. I maintain a political profile-facebook.com/buildupnigeria. Please direct political messages there. Thank and may God bless you.”
Mr. Omololu Omotosho made the following statements on the status update: “‎@ Reno Omokri Are you sure you are not a hypocrite?”
“Reno Omokri, Most people cannot be wrong, check yourself man”
Mr. Allen Ogedengbe joined the conversation: “Last I checked Reno Omokri, build up Nigeria says: The Build Up Nigeria Project is a non governmental initiative founded by Reno Omokri to build Nigeria’s image by projecting good things about Nigeria and Nigerians in order that first Nigerians then the rest of the world can celebrate Nigeria.
And I remember before the elections you said that build up Nigeria was non partisan. What has changed?
I think it behooves your person to answer Mr. Olugbenro’s questions.
Mr. Reno Omokri replied: “Thank you Allen Ogedengbe. I will be blocking you and anyone who politicized this profile. Thank you.”
Mr. Omololu Omotosho made this statements on the status update: “block me Reno, I am more popular than you…..”
“he may want the money but not the honest work…..Nigeria does not work like that anymore”
Mr. Omololu Omotosho also commented on Mr. Reno Omokri’s status update by posting the URL of an interesting article written by Nigerian youths for Mr. Reno Omokri to enjoy, the article was deleted and Mr. Reno Omokri replied Omololu Omotosho by stating, “‎Omololu Omotosho This profile is meant for the projection of my beliefs in God through His son Jesus. If you want to discuss politics please go to the profile I opened up for that purpose (facebook.com/buildupnigeria). I will have no choice but to block anyone who attempts to politicize my personal private profile. Thank you.”

What are you thinking?

29 Responses to “Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media, Mr. Reno Omokri, show contempt on Facebook to Nigerian Citizen By Omololu Omotosho”

  1. Essienkan E. E. says:

    To me Mr. Reno was just bing kicked in the ass while he knelt down to pray to his God by an agrieved member of the public who would not care a damn about respecting his moments of prayers. This to me was a direct assult on him and his God. It is not fair. Just as we frowned at Boko Harams droping bombs on Christians during Christmas, we should frown also on this act of assult on Mr. Reno on a site he devotes for his God.

  2. Muhammad Ikenna Unumaegbulem says:

    I want to point out that Mr. Reno did not decline the question. Instead he pointed the questioner to right channel. So simply “copy and paste” your question on the suggested page. What is this noise all about?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mts, mr s.a

  4. Simon Elaigwu says:

    He forgot that his personal life with God has been politicise the day he took that appointment.Sincerity is what politicians in Nigeria especialy can’t afford,due to many intentional mal administration.

  5. Ugboh Ike Collins says:

    @our NEW MEDIAMAN: One page for Mr president, and another for God…. haba! You truely handling ur juicy job as a Nigerian. But u cant outsmart God. For a part on the ‘Jesus ways’ told you not to serve God and mammon. I advice if sincerely u re a child of God like u claims, merge the pages and tell mr president the purse of his citizens, if he threw u out, Jesus would,nt.

  6. St. Onesimus says:

    Pls sme 1 shud help tel el rufai dat ther is a difrens bw religion n politics. In all his learning n exposure, he shud hav learnt 2 respect ppl’s opinions n choices. He,s neither beta than Reno nor GEJ.

  7. gbengs says:

    i think mr reno needs some schooling on his job.if he were trully a pressional communicator he willnever have evaded the questions put to hiù.even our Lord Jesus Christ answered political questions.He shld know dat as a public figure he has no right to any privacy any longer.I wil sie a case of a guy in united states whose name was olier seeple.president Ford was adreesing a rally and there was a would be assasin in the crown.Fortunately mr oliver seeple saw him and grabbed the assasins hand.later the press wanted to know more about the man who saved the presidents life.it was discovered that he was a member of homosexual community in sanfransisco.he he did not like this and went to court.The court told him since he has saved the life of the president he has become an invunlountry public figure and therefore he has no right to any privacy again.
    mr reno as a mediaman to the president,it ur duty to defend ur boss at all times.irrespective of where you had to do it.infact if i were the president,you will be in labour markt by now.

  8. Jimo Owoseni says:

    New Media? What does that mean? Special Assistant on new media? This country is a huge joke. Real joke honestly.

  9. Appointed or not, Reno should understand that as a public figure, his privacy lies in his bedroom. The facebook or any of the social network is a forum for all topical issues social, religuos or political. Though he has right to his opinion on issues but he got it wrong to say that his facebook page is private

  10. Solomon Odiase. says:

    Omololu, what u won’t want others to do to u don’t do it to others. In what context did u use the word contempt? To ascribe it to someone who showed such respect to u and other unwanted interlopers is wrong and wicked. Project people positively when the situation demands such.

  11. Anonymous says:

    my friend stop evading peoples privacy..be warned

  12. Akin says:

    I doff my hat for Reno for his comportment in responding to the various provocative comments on his wall. He even directed them to another of his walls that is more appropriate for such comments. We should respect that. Controls are important in ensuring integrity of online activities.

  13. Bobby says:

    @ Kizer: the N240b & N1.3T are referring to moneys budgeted & spent on FUEL SUBSIDY ALONE,respectively,NOT the entire National budget!YOU need to take your own advice & do research before making comments in a blind attempt to defend your ‘hero’!

    Having said that,I don’t see anything wrong with Reno’s responses to the comments.It’s HIS page so he has the right to decide what he wants to be on it.so sheathe your swords as far as this particular issue is concerned please.

  14. Kizer says:

    “N240b was budgeted in 2011 and N1.3t was spent on fuel subsidy. Who approved the extra N1 trillion and more? Extra budgetary spending?”


    According to the web page above, 2011 budget was 4.2 trillion naira, not 240 billion. What’s wrong with us Nigerians? We’re just looking for every opportunities to disqualify our leaders. Everybody wants to use every opportunity to show that GEJ is a devil that fell from Jupiter. Simple research we can’t even do. Enemies of our nation keep dragging us here and there, telling us what to do.

    Please leave that guy alone. If he fails, we’ll see that he has failed. But, right now, leave him alone!

    As for Reno, I think he is completely right in what he did. If it were my facebook page, I would not only block you. I would sue you for spamming my wall. This article is just a click bait, designed to just draw attention. If you have nothing more to write, please write about global warming, polar bears or something else.

  15. Wyenom says:

    Permit me to adopt Dayo’s comment above on this….perfect

  16. muryee says:

    i think @ dis juncture Mr Omo personality is needed to be respected, He had made us to understand d@ his religious life is completely differs from his political life. We need not to discuss politics when we are to discuss religious matter and vice versa. He is just a special assistant and not a policy maker. He might not even know anything about the question he was asked. Lets just leave this man alone. And be objective in our criticism.

  17. muryee says:

    i think @ dis juncture Mr omo personality is needed to be respected, He had made us to understand d@ his religious life is completely differs from his political life. We need not to discuss politics when we are to discuss religious matter and vice versa. He is just a special assistant and not a policy maker. He might not even know anything about the question he was asked. Lets just leave this man alone

  18. I.O.Oguagha says:

    Now this is what i like! Freedom of speech please, he didnt like d voice of d taxpayer, abi? but he likes d fat salaries d taxpayers money delivers, he shuld go into private business then and get outa d govt.

  19. EDDY says:

    the next thing he’ll want to do now is go for an elected office, so that he’ll keep on deceiving us

  20. Donald says:

    Guys* please leave Hon. Reno alone

  21. Donald says:

    You guy are just looking for a way to pull this man down.His Personal facebook page is not for political matters but His believe, so please respect that

  22. Joe Black says:

    Reno believes in God?

  23. Mr Omo,dis is just interesting.

  24. dayo says:

    Reno omokri has comported himself in a very professional and courteous manner in dis exchange. The truth is he is just an employee, working 4 his livelihood. U may not like his political and occupational allegiances, but please be objective in ur criticisms. I dare say he was a lot more courteous in his responses than u, the writer were. So please offer ur apologies

  25. lamm says:

    Reno is living a double life

  26. Honestly what Mr Reno did is right nd typical of all nigerians.Besides,he was very formal abt the whole issue,i cudnt av replied lyk dt if i were in his shoes.Dnt let us take our anger out on innocent pple,d guy is paid to work nd he cant openly go against his employer evn if deir views re different.

  27. bola jon says:

    I dont see anything wrong with what reno did. he has the right to say what he wants commented on his wall and updates and he was indeed courteous in telling you that. so whats the news here? Puhlease brother, let the guy be. hes just doing his work, and earning his money. you would have done the same thing, if not similar. he doesnt make decisions himself, hes an employee of the govt too earning fat pay, not a policy maker. isn’t that most Nigerian youth’s dream? so dont shoot him just yet, rather aim at the bloddy darned president.

    • Anonymous says:

      Presdential kitchen and foreign trips alone account for about 3% of the total subsidy. About fuel smuggling, where are the Customs and other securities at our borders, couldn’t them prevent it!


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