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Photo: Nigeria Police Murder Peaceful Protester

A protester of president Jonathan’s policy on fuel Subsidy was killed by a Rapid Response Squad (RRS) Police at a peaceful protest held on Monday, January 9, 2012 at Ogba, Lagos State, Nigeria
A picture of the murdered peaceful protester is below

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10 Responses to “Photo: Nigeria Police Murder Peaceful Protester”

  1. EDDY says:

    the Nigeria police, do they enjoy the cancelation of this fuel subsidy?

  2. Jumoke says:

    May God save ds nation,if we go through all ds WHAT WILL BECOME OF THE YOUNGER GENERATION.Our leaders close their eyes to d plight of Nigerians.

  3. Plat Kelv says:

    This is what happens when you let a zoologist rule the country obviously he will behave like an animal. Yes am talking to you Goodluck Ebele Jonathan .. Eranko

  4. femi says:

    RS 101 LA … this is the vehicle registration number of the police who allegedly shot two guys at ogba area today. one died in cold blood… jonathan will pay with his life****

  5. Plat Kelv says:

    This is the injustice going on in Nigeria, i wonder if those police men don’t have families that buys fuel also, Some day all Nigerians will stand up and say no to all the government corruption, blood will flow and head will rolls .. but freedom will be won.. freedom from oppression and corruptions and to enjoy our God given crude oil in peace

  6. Wendy says:

    D rich has sent d poor innocent soul 2 die in their protest, while their rich children are @ home drinking juice and watching movies. May God help us.

    • Anonymous says:

      nigeria police re cowards,president goodluck d lord almighty will judge u,u re going 2 end up d way gadaffi of libya died we will not give up on u.

  7. temper says:

    This is the end of Jonathan.Blood shed during his regime would be on his generation.Amen

  8. Anonymous says:

    May ur soul rest in peace.9ja police u ar ol cowards,may God punish U ol

  9. Euphemia says:

    this is UN-DEMOCRATIC!!


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