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Response of NLC and TUC to President Jonathan’s address on the removal of Fuel Subsidy

“The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) listened to President Goodluck Jonathan’s broadcast to the nation tonight.
The speech is undoubtedly due to the resistance of Nigerians to the unreasonable increase in PMS (petrol) prices and the planned national strikes scheduled to begin on Monday January 9, 2012. So the Presiden having to address Nigerians, is the first gain of the planned protests.
But the President’s address follows the pattern of other documents( like the SURE Programme) by his administration; long in rhetorics and short on basic issues. For instance, the major anchor of the broadcast is that salaries of political office holders are to be cut by 25 per cent. But he failed to tell us how much this will amount to. Is this a mere symbolic gesture or a fundamental contribution to economic recovery?
He also talked about his administration holding meetings with transporters to reduce fares. We see this as a populist statement that has no foundation in reality. If a transporter who used to buy petrol at N65 per litre now buys it between N141 and N220, what appeal can be made to him not to increase his fares by a high percentage? How do you “deregulate” the economy and hope to regulate transport fares by private operators?
In any case, transport fare is just one of the items that shot up. Prices of basic commodities like food have also increased, and there is a fuel price hike-engineered hyper inflation in the country.
The President should have reversed the price of PMS to N65 which would have automatically reduced rising tension in the country.
The President also promised the completion of rail lines and infusion of buses in to the transport system. It is like putting the chart before the horse; these measures should have been put in place before the astronomical increase in petrol price.
We reiterate that Nigerians cannot afford the high fuel prices and will not accept the hyper inflation this misguided policy has created.
President Jonathan lost a great opportunity in his broadcast by sticking to his guns; that the unreasonable increase in fuel prices will remain.
The Labour Movement and its allies on behalf of the Nigerian populace reiterate that the broadcast has changed nothing and that the indefinite strikes, rallies and mass protests scheduled to commence nationwide on Monday 9th January, 2012 will go on.
The will of the Nigerian people must prevail over that of any government in power.

Owei Lakemfa John Kolawole
NLC Acting General Secretary TUC Secretary General”
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13 Responses to “Response of NLC and TUC to President Jonathan’s address on the removal of Fuel Subsidy”

  1. We really appreciate d performance of NLC in all way round. But we ar still await to see reps impeach d president Jonathan. This will bring a better change to Nigerians.

  2. Ajih says:

    What do u expect from somebody who had no shoes,school bags, shirts? and now had opportunity in life,I started my own stricke a week ago.No going back.

  3. JP says:

    President Goodluck Jonathan is one of d luckiest people I’ve ever known in my life.I advise that he should guard that luck diligently by listening 2d masses

  4. ANONYMOUS says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Mr president is decieving himself and not nigerians……..

  6. we hav t start frm somewhere and when d economy is like a ship about t sink,everything possibl must b done t save it.our economy is like a sinkin ship and we hav t sav it first and thats wat d govt did by removin d subsidy.lets suspend dis strike cos it wil b tantamount t adding insult t injury.pls stop d strike

  7. Bakare says:

    What i think d government can do it do is to prepair our refinery dat got spoiled 4 some many yrs back,the country dat is one of petroleum producing country dat are sources 4 d petrol which means d mr president is not capable of haddle of is country,d issued of boko aram is also dere u just removed d subsidy of petroleum price frm #65 to #141 above u dnt even considering d massess,he it bcos u are not buying it anything, u are using is free,pls mr president u need to make it back to where he it b4,dat u just implement it nw 4 us to have a better nigeria,ever sinces u came in things are getting worst everyday, u promise us to gv us light knw light know good road know water,fees are getting increase everyday find something to do to it bye

  8. Olaolu says:

    It’s quite unfortunate that we have a confuse man at the helms of affairs.The removal of the oil subsidy at this time is an ill-fated policy and had only aggravated the groin suffering of the masses and also highten security tentions.Let the sacrifice begins from the political office holders who had milked and are milking the prosperity of this country,then we would know that the govt meant business.It’s no Retreat no Surrender Mr President!!

  9. minister says:

    He should put everything in place b4 thinking ǿſ subsidy remoival. Some1 that cannot save his cabinet from corruption wants ţ☺ save 120 million pple.NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER. President, Ɣø̲̣̣U av av pushed us ţ☺ the wall.

  10. Anonymous says:

    He should put everything in place b4 thinking ǿſ subsidy remoival. Some1 that cannot save his cabinet from corruption wants ţ☺ save 120 million pple.NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER. President, Ɣø̲̣̣U av av pushed us ţ☺ the wall.

  11. Ayodeji says:

    I believe our President do not know what we are passing through even before the Fuel removal because if he do he should have say he and the politicians salaries will be stop for 6month and the money be use to build refinery without touching masses salaries nor inflating fuel they should be able to sacrifice to this National for just 6month and see what the Youth will do willing if the money is not enough.

  12. smakolaleye says:

    I would v thought a serious, sensitive and sane govt will put
    All the cutting of salaries, provision of alternative trans systems
    And increase n workers salaries firsr b4 reviewing
    Fuel price and it won’t even be at a ridiculous and awkward #140.
    Pls save d masses.

  13. jide says:

    If by chance @ d end of d day sudsidy has 2 b removed,then d minimum wage must shut up 4rm #18000 to noting less than #52000 basic salary & d political office holders salary/illegal allowances should b reduced by 50% & not d said 25% & it shd b published…..Weldone NLC & TUC.


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