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Nigeria Democratic Liberty Forum (NDLF) Release Statement: “OCCUPY NIGERIA” RALLY IN NEW YORK

Nigeria Democratic Liberty Forum (NDLF)


New York, New York; January 5th 2012:

Nigerians under the auspices of the Nigerian Democratic Liberty Forum (NDLF) would be rallying in solidarity with the suffering masses of Nigeria over the government’s cruel increase in prices of petroleum products.

This ill advised, inhumane and sadistic 117% increase in price of fuel exposes the determination of the government to annihilate the poor Nigerian masses who are groaning under very deplorable conditions of living. A government that is incapable of rescuing its people from the abyss of economic ruins should not exacerbate the hapless situation of the suffering masses.

To this end, Nigerians in the US would express solidarity with the Nigerian people:

Date: Tuesday January 10th 2012

Venue: The Nigerian Consulate, New York
Address: 828 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10017-4300
Corner of 44th street and 2nd Avenue

Time: 12noon

Speakers would include: Okey Ndibe, Laolu Akande, Sowore Omoyele, Adegboyega Dada, Bunmi Aborishade, Willie Nwiido and others.

1. That the Nigerian government revert to the old prices.

2. That the government institute a panel of inquiry that includes representatives of Labour, Civil society, professional bodies etc to investigate the practices of petroleum products importation, distribution and payments over the past 13 years.

3. That the report of this inquiry should form a basis for the prosecution of those individuals, companies and their collaborators who have defrauded the country through sharp practices associated with importation of petroleum products.

4. That the government ensures the four Nigerian refineries operate at installed capacities within the next 12months.

5. That the government unveil a Petrol Production and Distribution (PPD) policy that is aimed at 100% local production of petroleum products within the next 12-36 months.

6. That the government audit and make public the Nigerian daily crude oil production, royalties paid by foreign oil companies, accurate local consumption inventory rather than the conflicting numbers released by various government agencies.

7. That corruption in the oil sector and other areas should be confronted and perpetrators brought to book. The poor masses should not be made to pay for the incompetence and corruption of government officials.

8. That the government should not underestimate the people’s ability and resolve to protest the continuous rape of the country by friends and cronies of government.

Join us as we express solidarity with our people at home.

Bukola Oreofe
Executive Director

3 Responses to “Nigeria Democratic Liberty Forum (NDLF) Release Statement: “OCCUPY NIGERIA” RALLY IN NEW YORK”

  1. Abdulkareem Gunu says:

    We sincerely appreciate you for the support and solidarity we’ll make Nigeria a conducive place for us and our future unborn.

  2. jide says:

    Thank u 4 ur support….We shall fight it 2 d last!


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