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Live Coverage of Occupy Nigeria; Videos; Pictures; London Protest

Occupy Nigeria, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria

Occupy Nigeria

Occupy Nigeria, Bauchi State

Occupy Nigeria, plan to spend the night at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria

Occupy Nigeria, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Occupy Nigeria, London, United Kingdom

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2 Responses to “Live Coverage of Occupy Nigeria; Videos; Pictures; London Protest”

  1. femi says:

    Yes, you re’ damn right. but the so called premature governments will never adhere to such perfect and constitutional advice but only to lobby for unconstitutional and public robbery that will suit their swiss accounts… Nigerians will stand and fight for their constitutional rights and aswell as for democracy.

  2. Kunle says:

    Why is it such a difficult thing for the leaders (actually rulers) of Nigeria to allow the various ethnic groups to meet at a sovereign national conference (SNC) to discuss the conditions for their continued existence within the contraption called Nigeria? Why are they afraid of discussion? Even in a marriage, each party has expectations & obligations & when it doesn’t work… How can 1 group just be killing others with impunity?!!!

    Nigerians should be fighting for a non-govt manipulated SNC now, fuel subsidy removal & Boko Haram menace are just some of the numerous symptoms.

    Sovereign National Conference now!


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