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United Nations announce its support of President Jonathan’s Policy on Fuel Subsidy in Nigeria

The United Nations (UN) commended President Jonathan for enforcing the removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria.
Special Adviser to the United Nations’ secretary General, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, described the removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria as “a bold and correct policy”.
He went further to state that the funds from the removal of fuel subsidy would go a long way to rapid infrastructural development and the health sector. Sachs commended president Goodluck Jonathan for his conditional grants to local Governments for the implementation of the Millenium Development Goals, he described it as “one of the most innovative schemes of using national resources for local government development”.
European Union (EU) said that it has confidence in Nigeria’s economic and political system.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Finland, Dr. Erkki Tuomoija said his country and most of Europe have confidence in Nigeria’s economic and political system.
He went further to state, “Your economy is doing very well, and many countries in Europe envy your growth figures, we have confidence in your democracy, and in your ability to deal with the terrorism and other challenges confronting you”.
Tuomoija went further to assure President Jonathan of Finland’s continued cooperation.
President Jonathan said during his response that Nigeria was facing challenges, especially in the area of terrorism, and requested for technical assistance to check the menace.
It can be noted that the vast majority of Nigerian Citizens are against the removal of fuel subsidy, which sent gas prices overnight from 45 cents per litre to at least 94 cents per litre in a country where reputable international researchers concluded that the average Nigerian lives on about $2 a day or less; Nigerians have held Mass peaceful protests across the Nation and are planning further mass protests in order to show they repudiate President Jonathan’s policy on fuel subsidy.
The vast majority of Nigerians are yearning for a more equal way to share the financial burden of Nigeria; most Nigerians desire for the Government of Nigeria to Cut the 1 million dollars annual compensation package of Senators in Nigeria so their salaries will be at most, commensurate with the one of the President of one of the largest economies in the world, the United States of America, who reportedly earns about 400,000 dollars a year.
The video below gives further insight into the financial situation in Nigeria

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2 Responses to “United Nations announce its support of President Jonathan’s Policy on Fuel Subsidy in Nigeria”

  1. Anonymous says:

    they will never die better. they send finance minister back to come and kill an average nigerians with fuel subsidy removal

  2. Adekunle Aina says:

    Who the fuck is this cockroach?,who does not have any idea,the horrors of everyday survival of the featest,the average Nigerians are going through until most arrive at their untimely deaths as a result of wreckless neglect by past,present & future political opportunists in power. & their idiotic imperial goons from U.N., WORLD BANK, I.M.F. etc.These are the kind of people that come to our shores to give undue credit to our hopeless & useless rulers in Aso Rock;and they will go back to their mansions with no plans to deliver service to the people,they claim to represent.


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