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Reportedly, President Jonathan administration Officials call to bribe London Protest Organizers

Popular report claim Officials of the President Goodluck Jonathan administration have been calling the London, Occupy Nigeria Protesters in order to convince them to shelve the planned friday, January 6, 2012 protest.
A source stated, “We have it on good authority that members of the Nigerian cabinet are calling the previous number we shared with the London rally article to induce them with bribes for them to shelve the London Cross Station Rally. One of our contacts just called to inform us now. At least 10 calls have come pleading with organisers to shelve the planned rally. To this end, we will not be taking calls from Nigeria. If you have any information you need us to know and you are based in Nigeria send text messages only. Only text messages will be treated from Nigeria as we will not pick private calls and calls originating from Nigeria.” What are you thinking?

5 Responses to “Reportedly, President Jonathan administration Officials call to bribe London Protest Organizers”

  1. Dr. Armah Elibe says:

    How convenient it is for corrupt leaders to attack symptoms instead of cause of problems, shutting down tv channels or blackberry services are all indications that the acts of these our so called leaders are deliberate and wicked.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are those two above

  3. Jumoke says:

    Its a sick thot of our so called leader to turn deaf ears to d cry of d masses.He promised good at campaign,why cant d leaders,senators to shelf all d surplus they gulp to add up to d oil subsidy to save d masses.pls help d less priviledge,d masses

  4. femi says:

    jonathan and every other corrupt members/ leaders of his cabinet will surely regret every actions of theirs… there is movement for nigeria students…. very sooon, the National Democratic Movement of Nigeria Students …. will fight this course for her country over corrupt leaders/ governments…. for we will stands our right cos we are prepared….. fight for your right nigerians.

  5. Said says:

    So their corrupt attitude is now around the globe,right? Don’t peak calls from Nigeria so as to block their persuading movement. We are here doing in it!


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