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Live Coverage of Occupy Nigeria: Pictures; Ikorodu Road, Lagos, Nigeria completely shut down; Tires Burning and Other news

Popular Report claim President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered for Black Berry services to be shut down Nationwide in Nigeria.
The tweet below from a source, Reports from credible sources, and numerous tweets on twitter to that effect hint likely shut down of Blackberry services in Nigeria.
“Sources within 3 telcos confirmed they’ve been directed to shut down BBM.”
A Nigerian Police man stood in solidarity with the vast majority of Nigerian Protesters. He stated, “I paid 600 Naira to work, i am not sure how i’ll go back home.”
Notable Nigerian Activists: Femi Falana, Ganiat Faweyinmi, Dipo Fashina, and Seun Anikulapo-Kuti led protesters in Nigeria.
It can be noted that Ikorodu road in Lagos, Nigeria has been shut down over fuel subsidy removal.
Tires were reportedly burnth on Ikorodu road, Lagos, Nigeria but Nigerian Police Officers fired shots in the air to stop that activity.
Nigerian Celebrities have been speaking out in solidarity with the vast majority of Nigerians against the removal of fuel subsidy.
Below are recent tweets to that effect:
This is a tweet from Banky Wellington,
“@BankyW Banky Wellington
Heading to the protest at the NLC office in Yaba…. Not just because of Fuel Subsidy… but for electricity, corruption, healthcare etc
1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply”
This is a tweet from Raw Nwanne
“RawNwanne Mr Raw Nwanne
RT @msbelle21: @RawNwanne #OccupyNigeria #OccupyNigeria #OccupyNigeria”
This is a tweet from Jesse Jagz
“”@jessejagz Jesse Jagz
When the presidents children attend a government school then education will begin to change ” – omo abaga”"
This is a tweet from Wizkid
“@wizkidayo Wizkid Ayo Balogun
Praying for a better Nigeria!…God bless my people!”
These are recent tweets from protesters,
“Police shooting at Fadeyi. #lagos #occupynigeria”
“The outlet from Maryland to 3rd mainland is blocked.”
“Pensioner joining in the protest. “UBA Should Pay me my money”.. She says #OccupyNigeria”
“Coalition of NGOs in #Sokoto about to kick start the protest against the removal of #FuelSubsidy #occupyNigeria.”
It can be noted that for security reasons, Nigerians Saving Nigerians did not mention the people that sent out tweets but mentioned names of celebrities because their activities are already on the spotlight.
Nigerians Saving Nigerians will continue to monitor the situation.
What are you thinking?

28 Responses to “Live Coverage of Occupy Nigeria: Pictures; Ikorodu Road, Lagos, Nigeria completely shut down; Tires Burning and Other news”

  1. Mayour says:

    Already we d student rep are rite in a meetin wit d commissional of polic 2ward d action taken, 4rm ther we are going to d press nd still on rally 4 a serious mass protest.

  2. otunba london says:

    the sruggle have just started, aluta continua !!!!.
    enough to bad goverment and bad management…

    • Mayour says:

      No retreat, no surrender my brother victoria ascerta, presently replin u 4 d commissional of polic’s table wit other commrade 4 shootin at d protesters. We ar taken over.

  3. Tola says:

    We nigerians should be blame for voting this useless slaugish jonathan badluck…i said from day one that this fool will fail nigerians..not only him also okonjo iweala bcos shes was one rulling…we nigerians should not fear to die and face this devish goverment and God will help us with the battle im ready to carry gun im fostrated

  4. D Unstopable says:

    Badluck elebe jonathan you are a fool and a four for fourty most be a fool forever,dis issue is not just for those at home to fight alone,we are all coming back home on dis issue cause we are all Nigerians and that is our home,why are you people taking us as a slave in our motherland,its time to show your stupid goverment dat keeping quite doesn’t mean Nigerians are started like dis in libya nd in egypt.if you don’t change your ways u won’t leave dat throne with a life.

  5. D Untouchable Man says:

    Jonathan Boy, better watch your back because the foriegn base are comming back home for you little fool. We thought you was wise to change the country but instead you’re just a bad luck to the country image. Be prepared to die like Ghadaffi.



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  7. shanu george. says:

    Shutting down bbm is not Jonathan should be doing.he should be addressing d needs of d people,instead of acting to shut down bbm.why wasn’t he quick to act on the Xmas day bombings.?

  8. I hope that this movement which has begun will bring people to the realization that the suffering is enough. May God protect all those who have put themselves up front on behalve of their fellow citizens. God bless Nigeria

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jona is a big fool infact it Doctorate PHD need to be question b’cos is senceless human being.Good work today pls more of it,at least this is how it started in d mid east ε̲.g Libya so Badluck shld get prepare.

  10. Swani Buba says:

    My heart is heavy. This is a man that was voted for by most poor people not knowing that he is not a capable hand. He does not know how to go about things. It is so painful that we made him the C in C only for him to come and inflict pains on us. Oh this man GEJ!!!. I pray something happens.

  11. I think we should fight for our right this time .

  12. xteeeee says:

    If goodluck thinks dis is d best for nigerians den he aim of coming in as president is defeated bcos d minimum wage of 18k will nt go along way to help any person who has a motor bike or car

  13. Mustapha says:

    Nigerians are very ungrateful. Jonathan promised you ‘fresh air’ and he is giving it to you now and you are revolting. Such ingratitude!

  14. peter 4m Abuja says:

    i support mass protest, in Abuja der are arresting poeple and in Ilorin der are shooting protesters… long will our govt take Naigerians for granted. All NASS members and Govt appointees salary if reduced can provide all de infastructure we want alnog side money from past corupt leaders….

  15. Mayour says:

    Am part of d nans nd wil be on our way 2 Asorock 4 protest

  16. Kay says:

    Today Jonathan has succefully turned Nigeria state into economic voodoo laboratory of IMF and world bank.we ve got it bad here,there is failed Leadership which bring abt Sys Corrupt,SYS damage,failed socio-economic contract btw the govern and the Nigeria states,what we need is corruption removal,assured security of life n property,job,healthy living n gauranteed future.LETS STOP THEM NOW BEFORE THEY TURN US TO PAUPERS

  17. sterlin says:

    we nigerians abroad are tired of d rubbish goin on in d country bombing here and there everyday its killing our image in the foreign country, we dont try to respect ourself hw do u want the foreighers to respect us …. f government is absolutly nonsense anyway God still in d heavy sha

  18. Plat Kelv says:

    Every one must come out and say enough is enough in nigeria .. if not for ur self do it for ur kids .. for a better tomorrow

  19. Anonymous says:

    Jonathan did a political miscalculation by the sudden action his administration took to remove fuel subsidy at a time nigerians are in serious economic pains.what he should have done was to ensure stable security of lives and properties before revisiting the subsidy issue.clearly we now know that jonathan is a blunder and catastrophy on the nation.

  20. Anonymous says:

    If this doesn’t cause a revolution.. I’m afraid nothing else will.. It is time my fellow Nigerians.. Let us stand as one and say no to our bad government!

  21. Everest Okorie says:

    I sorry for Jonah. His intentions is right but d timing is wrong. Who are those confusing this Man. I think i will do better.

  22. AGHA says:

    I would have expected that Nigerian allow a 2weeks period to assess the impact before going out to protest.

    we are yet to see the Guidelines and Regulations on the deregulations.

    This early protest is not called for in my considered opinion

  23. James Mario says:

    Enough is Enough ! Is really time for all NIGERIANS home and Abroad ( World-Wide ) to stand and sopport War against Corruption in our Country,It is time to stand and fight for our right ( HUMAN RIGHT ).We all should get prepered to go back home cos no man is left out of this.

    • abiodun Lasile says:

      i think a well deserved return gift for the subsidy removal is serious unrest, disobedience, retaliation on their persons and peace. what is the next consideration to a common man, though we will cope but we need Tropics Springs.

  24. Chris says:

    I want more celebrities to join d tweets. We have had enough.

  25. Otega says:

    The show down begins … uprising in Nigeria……

  26. akpos says:



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