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Students in Kano State issue Nigerian Government 24 Hour-Ultimatum or Face Violent Riot

Youths marched the streets of Kano State, Nigeria in order to express their repudiation of the increase in fuel price in Nigeria from 65 Naira to 144 Naira.
The protesters marched from BUK Road through Kadon Kaya, Sani Mainagge and Sabon Titi towards the Government House of kano State parading placards that expressed their vehement disapproval of the removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria.
The Youths were told that Governor of Kano State, Engineer Rabiu Kwankwaso, was not present at the State House at the time so they decided to disperse.
It can be noted that the National Association of Kano State Students (NAKSS) gave the Federal government of Nigeria a 24 hour-ultimatum to rescind its decision to remove fuel subsidy or face the wrath of violent riot in Kano State, Nigeria.
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3 Responses to “Students in Kano State issue Nigerian Government 24 Hour-Ultimatum or Face Violent Riot”

  1. The great nigerian student .The great i want 2 say. Emphasise . Demostrate . We realy know asuu strike in whole nation and removal of fuel subsidy . GEJ give unpleasent reasean 4 dat . He said nigeria does nt have enough money to spend . So if so . How can he said dat he want to change all the government house rtructure and bout a brand new cars ? Please explain

  2. Lawal yusuf maltina says:

    On behalf of d national association of katsina state student{NAKASS}we realy apreciate wit ur efort of organising a protest that wil insha Allah be reason 4 desolvin the facist governmen.and we are telling u in a more recent tym u wil see us doing wat u are doing .UP THE INDEFERTIGABLE STUDENT UP!!!

  3. Hafizu Y. Hassan says:

    We the student of ADSU from Kano we are also on ur back NAKSS go ahead fight for our rights we are on a democratic nation not a military nation we hav to fight for our right we are tired of this monarchycal rule Nigerians let stand up its time for us to fight for our right


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