Picture: Fuel Price in Nigeria officially increased

This Picture was taken on Sunday, January 1, 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria
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5 Responses to “Picture: Fuel Price in Nigeria officially increased”

  1. Bakare says:

    Nigeria Ned to go to school we do not know n tin.or let fin buya to sel Nigeria

  2. Solomon Odiase. says:

    Irrespective of what is going on now and the hardship we may face this year, I pray for peace and harmonious cohabitation. For when ther is peace there life and there is life there is hope. Happy new year Nigerians.

  3. MacLodd says:

    ..Most horrible dimension for the state of the nation. Well, either ways this Year aint gonna be a badluck for me. Coz i’m a survivor!!

  4. Ken says:

    It is the dividend of Nigeria presidential system of good-luck

  5. Phil Mike Paku says:

    GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan just compounded
    Nigeria masses’s
    problem by removing fuel subsidy. All prices
    of goods will go double, transport fare will go
    double but unemployment, insecurity, Bad
    Medical care, Rottened educational system,
    wages and salaries remain
    the same. Who will bear this hardship if not
    the masses? There is no better time to protest
    this insensitive Govt than now. Nigerians can
    die for religion, lets see if we can die for our
    country. No bomb but Bumps, no violent but
    placards indicating NO to subsidy removal.
    We are set for peaceful protest. Join us today.
    Just say Yes and inbox me your name and
    number. Say No to fuel subsidy removal until
    Power and our refinery are working to
    Capacity. Talk is cheap, this is action time. Sign
    your pressence for a protest Today. We’ll all
    die some day and this is one reason to die
    incase the machinary of the rulling class dare


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