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Nigerian Youth Commit Suicide because of Societal and Personal hardships

A 31 Years old Nigerian Youth, Mr. Diano Ovie Richy, that lives in Warri, Delata State, Nigeria (according to his facebook page) committed suicide around Christmas day. He wrote this statement on his facebook wall on Christmas day, December 25 2011, “My xmas gift 2 u all is d news of my death. By d time u are reading this story i should ve being dead somewhere. Pple say i should get a job, save b4 achieving my enterpreneural dream. How do get a good job i can save from without my B sc result dat delsu has wickedly refused 2 issue me. I ve had failure in all aspect of life. I invested 10yrs for a Bsc yet Umukoro, Oboreh n Odirin ate it up. Any biz i run always fail usually due 2 DUEX EX MACHINE. Some say i need deliverance cos day say am cursed. Last month getting married was aborted though am an expecting father. I hate God 4 allowing d demons 2 continuously destroying my hardwork. @ this point i want 2 appreciate some pple. Mudiaga my elder bro, Pawon & Nehi my only true friends 4 always understanding me. Lastly my Unborn child ( omoovie ). Please show my unborn child Omoovie when born in 2012 some love, kindness n favour in anyway u can. I took the best decision cos i don’t want to see my child suffer 4 me not 2 b tempted 2 take other persons’ life. Did u say am a coward? 9ja, what a pple dwelling there. What are u doing 2 help that person that is stil alive?”
This is the link to Mr. Diano Ovie Richy’s facebook wall:
It can be noted that Warri is a major Oil city in Delta State, Nigeria. The current Governor of Delta State is Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan. What are you thinking?

6 Responses to “Nigerian Youth Commit Suicide because of Societal and Personal hardships”

  1. She was in the process of deciding what the next steps were going to be for her and her unborn child.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He clearly died out of frustration and not necessarily due to the economy. He clearly does not understand how God works sometimes. God is not in the habit of doing what you can do for yourself. He should have sought counselling instead of suicide. He should have reached out to those his family and friends whom he said have understood him over the years cos he has put his unborn child in exactly the same spot that he was before his death. May God forgive him his sins and grant him eternal rest.

  3. Patrick O says:

    Probably low IQ but didn’t know, maybe a trade career instead of Bsc, Maybe mechanic instead of sales entrepreneur. Maybe counseling instead of self belief. Maybe some anti-depressant medication instead of blaming d economy, Maybe choose li…fe 4ur kid instead of willingly making ur child fatherless. Maybe dating instead of marriage. In all he is an individual with low IQ in a state or country with lion heart of ignorance who careless for their citizens.
    CA USA

  4. Its a sad event to hear the cry of a youth yearning to be blessed,its a sad stuff, he died living his unborn child to suffer and the family. Where wil his soul be now, HELL or HEAVEN?

  5. Robirobi1 says:

    Its so sad that this person kept crying out for help and his friends rather than hear his cry,turned round to further condemn him. Its a pity that we’re such an uncaring and we left this person feeling so unloved. This story brings me to painful tears. Where are we going to,when our young start to take their own lives? Sad,sad,Sad!


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