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Shell spill 20,000 barrels of oil off Nigeria’s coast

A tanker spilled oil around Shell’s Bonga facility, about 120 kilometres off Nigeria’s coast; the massive spill occured while a tanker was loading oil for Shell.
Director of Nigeria’s National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), Peter Idabor stated, “It’s comparable to what happened in 1998 with the Exxon Mobil spill, in terms of the quantity that has been spilled, it’s the biggest since then. We have in the region of 20,000 barrels that has been spilled into the environment and it is clearly moving to our coastline. 210 tonnes of dispersants are on the way to deal with the spill and oil booms – containers made from sheets of plastic that trap the oil to stop it from reaching the shore – had been deployed.
We are a lot more prepared than we were in 1998, Local fishermen living along the coast had been advised to move away. For the fishermen who are there, there is a lot of wave action. Of course, our advice would be for them to move away up to areas of water less affected.”
Shell released this statement, “Less than 40,000 barrels of oil had leaked into the ocean in this latest spill. The flow of oil had now halted. Around half of the spilled oil had now dissipated due to natural dispersion and evaporation. There is not yet any restart date for the field and it will not resume production until after both an investigation and any necessary repairs have been completed.”
Chairman of Shell, Nigeria, Mutiu Sunmonu, stated, “We apologize for the leak. To accelerate the clean-up at sea, we are deploying vessels with dispersants to break up the oil sheen at sea. We are mobilising airplanes that will support the vessels in this operation,”
Shell often blamed previous Onshore Niger delta spill on sabotage attacks and oil theft but it did not in this case.
It can be noted that BP’s Macondo well ruptured in April of 2010, causing nearly 5 million barrels of oil to spew into the sea around the coast of the United States of America. President Obama wrestled $20 billion from BP in order to settle victims of the Oil spill. What are you thinking?

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