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Pictures that show Police Brutality at Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria Peaceful Protest

Nigeria Police Officers brutalized Peaceful protesters at Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria earlier today; protesters held a peaceful protest rally in order to show their disapproval of a new toll gate along the Lekki highway. Reports claim peaceful protesters were tear-gassed, illegally arrested, bundled and taken to unknown destinations, and maltreated by Government hired thugs.

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9 Responses to “Pictures that show Police Brutality at Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria Peaceful Protest”

  1. ai says:

    Na waooooooo. I preferred colonial masters than this Godless souls we call our leaders.We are not practicing democracy but a caricature of it. Afterall,George Orwell has said it all. we are practicing Animal Farm. May God have mercy on our great mother(Nigeria).He is the only mighty that can subdue this blood suckers.

  2. Chris Omodun says:

    Yeah! lets all go there!!. I am for this, lets put the usurpers to shame. Let us show them that we gave them the power, so they must use power to make our lives better, not the other way round..

  3. dan says:


  4. sola says:

    I sometimes 1der if this is democracy or crazy demonstration cos I don’t kno why we cnt ve a peacful rally. The gov fashola led lagos state administration shud pls luk into this if he is truly a gud man as he claimed. And if he has nothin 2 say 2 dis that means he is a big failure.

  5. On a serious note why would people think they can just go and confront Nigerian Police in this manner, Police in Nigeria are different from the ones on CNN, pls, go home, if you must occupy somewhere, occupy your sitting room or Face Me I face u apartment.
    Dont die for nothing. remember that the Police men are just obeying orders.
    I greet you well.

  6. III says:

    When really did we every have freedom of expression.

  7. Alex Hughes says:

    Words fail me at the moment. Is this what Nigeria has turned into? What happened to respect for our fellow man and fundamental human rights? A few days ago when the OPC took to the streets in protest, armed with guns and machetes the police didn’t dare intervene. It’s sad that Innocent citizens involved in a PEACEFUL protest are the ones that they can prey on.

  8. here we are!nigeria police are bunches of animal,they could nt find solution 2 boko haram bombing bt can brutilised armless citizen wow to all of them and those they are working 4

  9. Name says:

    wat is dis country turning into? Dont we longer have freedom of expresion? Those involve shuld b brougt to book. Nigeria police shuld be reminded dat their primary aim is to protect d lives and properties of every nigerian and not d other way round.


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