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Nigeria Labour Congress prepare for Revolution

The Nigeria Labour Congress has proclaimed that the Federal Government of Nigeria declared war on the Nigerian People by not providing funds for fuel subsidy in the 2012 budget submitted by President Goodluck Jonathan to the National Assembly for approval.
The Nigeria Labour Congress stated that employed and unemployed Nigerians have also declared war on the Federal Government of Nigeria via an upcoming general strike and mass protest.
A statement entitled “The 2012 Budget: A Disaster Waiting To Happen!” and signed by the Acting General Secretary of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Owei Lakemfa, was released to the public.
This is the statement: “We call on all Nigerian workers and people to begin preparations for a general strike and mass protests. The people must be prepared in the next few weeks when the Jonathan administration begins to implement his anti-Nigerian policy. Nigerians should prepare to occupy the streets and public institutions to prevent them from being taken over by anti-patriotic forces. Against this background, the NLC leadership will meet on Tuesday, December 20, to firm up strategies and give directive on the commencement of the protest and the resolve of workers and other Nigerians to reclaim their country. A critical perusal of the 2012 budget proposal submitted to the National Assembly by President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday [Tuesday] showed clearly that the present government has no intention to lead the country out of the present socio-economic crisis. The budget, which was tagged ‘Budget of Fiscal Consolidation, Inclusive Growth and Job Creation’, is actually an anti-people budget designed purely in the service of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) and their local lackeys who dictate to the Nigerian government. It is a disaster waiting to happen. In particular, the exclusion of fuel subsidy in the budget is not only tragic, but also a declaration of war on the Nigerian people. Thus, the Nigerian people will have no choice but to confront this challenge. This further attempt to impoverish workers and the Nigerian poor is coming on the heels of increased tariff on electricity, the move to massively sack workers in the name of merging parastatal agencies, the attempt to collect more taxes through the return of tollgates, the refusal to adequately fund education, and refusal to pay minimum wage, which is an impeachable offence. Despite the country’s security challenges, it is curious that the Jonathan government has allocated a massive lion’s share of the budget to security. In the first instance, the major cause of the increasing wave of insecurity in Nigeria is lack of education and mass unemployment, which are direct consequences of the general collapse of public infrastructure, such as public electricity, roads, education, health, etc. The security challenges are further compounded by lack of political will and abysmal ineptitude of security agencies.
No one should underestimate the general mass poverty, unemployment and discontent that have increased bottled up anger in our polity. The removal of fuel subsidy will provide the spark for mass protests, such that even the increased security vote cannot buy enough arms to contain. Since the government of Jonathan has elected to punish the Nigerian people through a budget that is poverty-inducing and will cause a lot of hardship, the Nigerian people will have no alternative but to resist. We call on the National Assembly to side with the electorate and the Nigerian people by refusing to pass this budget. We also ask the Jonathan administration to seriously have a rethink by reviewing its budget proposal, or be ready to take on the Nigerian people.” What are you thinking?

6 Responses to “Nigeria Labour Congress prepare for Revolution”

  1. Name says:

    it iz good and hopeful for nigeria and nigerians to have focused leader such as those in NLC, unlike the so call elected that want to destroy nigeria by removing the oil subsidy and construct themselfs. More greece to your elbow NLC, you have spoken well the mind of the masses.

  2. Ubayo says:

    This is dividend of democracy from Goodluck to Nigerians.We hope NLC they are really serious and history will not repeat itself as in the case of minimum wage saga.

  3. Name says:

    Jonathan is nt d problem of this country,believe me Nigerians has nt learn their lessons,after 38yrs of Northern rule and 8yrs of west still the situation is more than worst,it is good 4 the alocation to the security cos we all are accusing the presidency of being so dull and just like d militant were dealt wit during umaru musa regim we must nt play wit boko haram issue cos it can remember us of d Civil War which will be disastrous.

    • Name says:

      oh nigerians others are talking on what will move the country ahead while some barboons are bringing sectionalism. Tell me America that is seem to be super world power, from 2000 to date did security challenges increase or decrease? i think NLC exist only in the north that why you full now talking.

  4. Oghene says:

    I support the NLC initiatives. I pray this leads to a revolution. We outside naija are coming to march along with u guys. All former and present military and presidents should go leave that country. They are the ones influences this agencies and problems.

  5. Name says:

    This shows that- Jonathan did not put the intrest of Nigerians first.


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