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Indeed these are not the best of times for the embattled governor of Delta state, Dr.Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, as Deltans in Lagos thronged the streets of Lagos in a “UDUAGHAN MUST GO” protest rally.
The protest rally which was led by Comrade Rex Ekiugbo Anighoro, President, Global Network for Nonviolence, Justice, Good Governance and Democracy (GNNJGD) was in collaboration with Delta youths, resident in Lagos state.
The Occupy Lagos protesters who were mostly adorned in black attires and berets in a show of symbolic mourning for their murdered Comrade, Chief Ogbe Onokpite, demanded amongst other things the immediate resignation of Dr.Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan as governor of Delta state.
Engaging in a press chat, Comrade Rex Anighoro stated that going by the ruling of the Justice Joy Nwanna’s April 26th Election Tribunal Panel (ETP), it is clear that Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan falsified 103,000 votes that aided his dubious victory, by this ignoble act of electoral dishonesty, no longer commands the morality to govern.
The Ughelli born Comrade said that it is a great disservice to role modelling and global anti corruption crusade as projected by the occupy wall street movement for a vote falsifier, electoral fraudster and bandit to continue to hold such an exalted office, office of the governor of Delta State.
He alluded that Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan is a threat to good governance and democracy, “”We as Delta youths insist on the immediate resignation of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, he does not have the morality to govern, in fact he is bad news to role modelling, mentorship, and leadership development, he is a sad commentary on the anti corruption and greed crusade, his continued stay in office is an affront on us all, it is a slap on the values of integrity and justice.
How can a thief be my governor?” Comrade Rex queried, “Uduaghan can never be my governor,he has never been my governor and will forever not be my governor, he is worse than the petty criminals on the street who daily are hounded into detention without trial; Dr.Ishola Oyenusi, Lawrence Anini, Monday Osunbor, and Shina Rambo pales into insignificance when Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan is mentioned. What morality does anyone have to suspend or rusticate a student who is caught cheating in an examination, when the Leader of Delta State is a first class cheat? what precedence are we setting for the youths of my generation? we reject this systemic corruption and the judiciary must remedy this at the Court of Appeal.”
“Uduaghan is a kidnapper of Delta people’s sovereign will to good governance and democracy as they have duly expressed their rejection of his mediocre leadership by voting against him both at the January 6th rerun and April 26th 2011 General elections.”
“The former student union activist and spokesman to the revolutionary Niger Delta freedom fighter, Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo Asari, who spoke highly passionately and articulately, ‘yelled at the top of his lungs’ “Uduaghan is like the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Uduaghan has come to steal our joy, our votes and our dignity. A man who steals votes does not care about the people but himself and proxies, he is desperate and dangerous. How can the system reward a thief by allowing him to continue as governor, why should corruption and criminality be condoned? As long as the likes of Uduaghan is allowed to enjoy the stolen mandate without protestation, more youths will be attracted to criminality. A man who should be governor should be above blemish and ridicule. In fact, Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan is an embarrassment to Deltans. I am ashamed of my Deltanship because a vote falsifier is my governor. How can the worst of us lead the best and the rest of us, NOWAY! Uduaghan is corrupt and immoral!.”
“We urge the Judiciary to do Justice to Deltans by doing what is right. We call on the Court of appeal and the Supreme court to please terminate Uduaghan’s occultic and satanic reign thereby freeing Delta state from captivity and bondage. Please, judiciary do not play politics with the future of Delta youths; do not compromise on righteousness and truth; the consequences may be too costly. Our future is at stake.” Comrade Rex appealed.
Speaking further, Comrade Rex Anighoro who only recently held a highly successful “UDUAGHAN MUST GO!” protest rally with other occupy wall street protesters in United States of America demanded that Emmanuel Uduaghan should speak out on what he knows about the extra judicial murder of a noble and highly respected Urhobo youth leader and Delta opposition leader, Chief Ogbe Onokpite, he stated that the silence and body language of Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan is highly suspicious, as it suggest culpability.
That Chief Ogbe Onokpite is highly opposed to Dr.Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan’s administration is not in doubt, that Chief Ogbe Onokpite has always complained to us as Urhobo youth leaders meetings that Dr. Emmauel Uduaghan was after his life and that Ayiri Emami and Henry Baro wants him dead too is in public domain, even other prominent Urhobo youth leaders like Godwin Okporoko and Chief West Adehor had previously complained aloud about attempts on their lives by agents of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, which included Ayiri Emami, and did make collective press statements to that effect. This information is in the public domain for everyone to access.
He demanded for the immediate sack of the Delta state Police commissioner, Mallam Mamman Tsafe, and his prosecution, for his endorsement of the Police Officers under his watch that were involved with the extra judicial murder of Chief Ogbe Onokpite.
He demanded to know why a so called ‘criminal King pin’ should be so hastily butchered, mutilated, and humiliated. “I should think that a so called criminal king pin will serve the cause of justice and a secured Delta state better by him getting arrested, aiding the police in unraveling more criminal gangs and activities in Delta state, prosecuttion, then a legal pronouncement made on him. Whose cause does it serve to see Chief Ogbe Onokpite die in controversial manner? why the conflicting police statements to the public? why the silence of the so called ‘Chief Security Officer’ of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan? Something is wrong.”
“He called on the Nigerian President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, to remember that part of the reason that led to the deadly Boko Haram insurgence, is the extra judicial murder of its leader, Yusuf Mohammed, and the lack of political will of the government to condemn this extra judicial murder and prosecution of the policemen who murdered Yusuf. He stated that Delta youths are very angry and sad that a successful youth who had contested gubernatorial elections twice, could be so murdered and labelled ‘common criminal’ as it has become fashionable for the police to maim and kill citizens at will and at the slightest opportunity, then make fraudulent claims just because the dead cannot speak. Also, defaming the dead and doing harm to his family’s image.
As nonviolent youths we do not want the Boko Haram experience in Delta state, we do not want hoodlums and enemies of Delta state to catch on Chief Ogbe’s murder in order to cause mayhem in Delta state, the only solution is that justice must trump injustice. We demand justice!
Except justice is done on Chief Ogbe Onokpite’s unlawful killing, we shall consider the Nigerian police, a barbaric and outdated istitution, staffed with murderers. Delta youths have lost confidence in the Nigerian police, we no longer trust them; if those who are supposed to lawfully protect us now kill us without due recourse to the law, then we are of all men miserable and no longer safe. This is not the kind of police that we as youths expect from the State, Nigeria.”
Comrade Rex Anighoro, who for over a month now has been raising alarm over threats to assassinate him/endanger his general safety, has refused to visit his home, Delta state, on advise from loved ones that his life will be in danger if he visits Delta State. It can be recalled that about two weeks ago, text messages sent from government house, Asaba, Delta State, attempted to frame him up on recruiting criminals to forcefully attack Asaba and government house.A blackmail that seem to be rehearsed like the One that has befallen Chief Ogbe Onokpite. Only last April, agents of the state attempted to assassinate him; the comrade was shot with over one hundred bullets but only God’s miracle saved his life. He stated, “should any harm befall me, Governor of Delta State, Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan should be squarely held responsible.”
“Delta youths have reason to believe that Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan has used the Police to Murder Chief Ogbe Onokpite, If he did not do so then as Chief security officer of Delta state, he must not remain silent. He must speak out.”
The protest rally, which was largely attended by Delta youths from across Nigeria included notable members of facebook democracy group, Liberate Delta People’s Movement (LDPM), members like Sunday Agboro, Nobel Sincopre Graham, Marxist Kola, and Marxist Osi took off from Ojota, Lagos State at the Gani Fewehinmi park and MKO Gardens; the occupiers marched through Kudirat road, Oregun, Alusa secretariat, and Obafemi Awolowo square at Allen roundabout. The tireless and ever conscious youths continued to march on from Computer village, down to Maryland, Oshodi, Yaba, and ended up at high brow, Victoria Island.”
“It was indeed a massive total nonviolent resistance to Dr.Emmanuel Uduaghan’s despotic and illegal rule in Delta State. The highly respected youth leader from Delta state called on Deltans in Port Harcourt, Deltans in Ibadan, Deltans in Abuja, Deltans in Jos, Deltans in Benin, Deltans in Yenagoa, Deltans across Nigeria, and the world to stand up and organize peaceful protest rallies against the tyrannical siege of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan.”
“It is our sacred responsibility to occupy and free Delta state from the mandate thief, Uduaghan, the struggle has just begun, it is unstoppable, for freedom is our goal.”"
Picture of Governor of Delta State, Nigeria, Emmanuel Uduaghan


  1. iboribo says:

    Uduaghan u will never fine peace in ur life and ur family

  2. Nino says:

    Uduaghan is a devil just like his peers.Enough of these killings of innocent people who stand against corruption nd injustice.It saddens my heart that Chief Ogbe ,a harmless man I know well enough to be termed a criminal all in the name of killing him by the police. The people involved in his killing will be destroyed,them and their families shall die.


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