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Nigeria Police stop ex-Niger Delta Militants Protest in Abuja

Leaders of Rehabilitated Niger Delta Militants were stopped by Nigerian Security personnel on their way to Abuja.
At least 1600 Former Niger Delta Militants occupied about 300 vehicles including Luxury buses, vans, and sedans enroute Abuja to peacefully protest their distaste of the implementation of the Federal Government’s amnesty programme.
Nigeria Police Officers barred the former militants from entering Abuja at the Jameta Toll gate, a few minutes away from Lokoja, Kogi State; the premise of the Police Officers was based on “security reasons” but the former Militants put up a fight by insisting they had the right to enter Abuja for their peaceful Protest; reports claim the former Militants blockaded the constantly busy Lokoja – Abuja highway with their vehicles, which caused a heavy traffic jam for unintended travellers; the traffic jam lasted for at least eight hours thereby forcing stranded travellers to spend the night on the road.
Commissioner of Police, Amana Abakasaga stated, “The militants claimed they were going to Abuja to protest the non implementation of the amnesty programme, but we had to stop them because of the security implication and their large number, which may result to breach of security. They were not violent.”
General Ramsey, the leader of the former militants stated, “”We were on our way to Abuja to meet with the President to register our displeasure on our exclusion from the amnesty. The government asked us to come out of the creeks and lay down our arms, which we did, but since then the government has refused to fulfill its own side of the agreement. Instead, officials keep making empty promises. We have embraced the amnesty programme, but the Federal Government is frustrating it by refusing to pay us and we don’t want to go back to the creeks or pick up arms. The 1,600 militants en-route to Abuja are all generals whose foot soldiers laid down their arms. Now, the foot soldiers are tired of excuses we are giving them. They are already suspecting we have collected the money from the government and only come back to deceive them. The ex-militants, having graduated from the rehabilitation training since December, last year, were neither paid nor settled. They keep telling us ‘come back tomorrow’, now, we are giving four days ultimatum to the Federal Government to fulfill its side of the bargain. Our boys are angry and they want to go back to the creeks and we are tired of holding them back. So, we want Nigerians and the world to know that the Federal Government is frustrating the amnesty programme and the militants.”
“The police intercepted us at about 4a.m., asking us to go back to where we were coming from. They said that our convoy was too large to go to Abuja for any protest. So, we stayed with the police while the traffic continued to build up.
We did not block the road; it was the police that blocked the road. We are not armed; we were going to Abuja to register our grievance.”"
Mr. Andrew Amechi, a motorist who spent the night along with his family on the highway stated, “The Federal Government should have settled with these boys since they have repented from militancy. If they knew they couldn’t handle the amnesty, why did they go into it. We slept here in the bush because of the traffic jam. My family are hungry because there is no food to eat around here. We are stranded.”
It can be noted that the rehabilitated Niger Delta Militants gave the Federal Government a four-day ultimatum to properly implement the amnesty programme or face their return to violence. What are you thinking?

3 Responses to “Nigeria Police stop ex-Niger Delta Militants Protest in Abuja”

  1. Adesina says:

    The rehearsal for the unrest in Nigeria is gradually unfolding. The fear of the Nigerian Masses is the begining of wisdom for Our Cruel Leaders. I am proud to be a Nigerian but ashamed to have the crop of Our Leaders.
    It is suffice to say that Nigeria is Blesssed Country but with a cursed Leaders.

  2. These so called militants should go and sit down. it is based on their activities cum attendant amnesty and settlement that has given rise to various interest groups springing up in our polity, maiming and destroying lives and properties in the name of terrorism and agitations.. Imagine, 1600 people on their way to Abuja and got intercepted? You all got intercepted because you wanted to make headline news and maybe have government look your way in a bid to settle your crooked arses with more largesse. Go back to the creek and do what you want to do and to your officials. leave the innocent citizens of this nation to go about their business. Take your wars to the government. You all wine and dine on the same table, so also does BOKO HARAM. One day, both government and militants will answer to the Nigerian people. militant na person oooo… No be witch or God..


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