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Federal Government freeze bank accounts belonging to accused Boko Haram Sponsor: Senator Ndume

The bank accounts of Detained Nigerian Senator, Ali Ndume, and other members of Boko Haram arrested by seucurity agencies has been frozen.
It is imminent that Nigeria’s State Police, State Security Service (SSS), will release alleged “damaging text messages” between Senator Ndume and convicted Boko Haram member, Konduga, in order to prove its seriousness to destroy Boko Haram; SSS investigation revealed that the suicide bomber attack on the United Nations House (UN) on August 26, 2011 was not the initially planned target of Boko Haram.
A source, who prefer to be anonymous stated, ““It is true that Ndume’s accounts have been frozen, until the conclusion of his trial. This is in line with a gazette of the government which was recently published to fight against terrorists and their sponsors. Besides Ndume, all the accounts of all suspects arrested for terrorism will remain embargoed till the determination of the allegations against them. Even MEND leader Henry Okah and others arrested for collaborating with him cannot have access to their accounts. The Gazette of Regulations are in line with the Terrorism (Prevention) Act 2011, the Charter of the United Nations and UN Resolutions 1267(1999), 1333(2000), 1373(2001), 1390(2002), 1452(2002), 1455(2003), 1526(2004), 1617(2005), 1735(2006), 1822(2008), 1904(2009) and 1988(2011).
The Gazette states: “The funds or other economic resources owned, held or controlled, directly or indirectly by a designated person whose name and other details are on the Lists shall be frozen.
Freezing of funds shall be without prejudice to the rights of third parties acting in good faith.
For the purpose of sub-regulation(1) of this Regulation, in determining whether funds are controlled by a designated person, the fact that such funds are held in the name of an associate or relation is immaterial.
Where the name of a person or of an entity is confirmed to be on the Lists, the Institution shall block the funds or any other economic resources identified as belonging to or connected with the person or entity on the lists and shall ensure that the account is not operated and thereafter forward to the Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU).
All funds and other economic resources frozen under this Regulation shall be recorded against the names of the owners and beneficial owners for proper management.””
Another source stated, “the SSS may be compelled to release some indicting text messages between Ndume and Ali Konduga. At the appropriate time, Nigerians will know who is telling the truth or who is sane or insane. We have conducted meticulous investigations which cannot be rubbished by any flimsy excuse of insanity.”
Another source stated, ““When we interrogated the suspect, he said: the original intention was not to hit the UN, but we were advised to go there by one of our sponsors to get international attention. We never knew the building before; we were taken there a day before we struck. “This latest confession explained why we have not closed investigation into the bombing of the UN House.””
It can be noted that the suspect who disclosed the UN House was not the original target has not yet disclosed the initially targeted location. What are you thinking?

2 Responses to “Federal Government freeze bank accounts belonging to accused Boko Haram Sponsor: Senator Ndume”

  1. ndume says:

    our government will let him go b/cos he is hausa man so forget them

  2. I am urging the security agencies in Nigeria to continue with their thorough investigations until all those who are involved or connected to any terrorism acts or actions are brought to book. There should be no sacred cows and all information necessary to increase the public confidence in the process should be disclosed and made public.

    Nigeria should not be seen as a terrorist country so that the needed foreign investors can come into the country and boost the economic activities. Also at this time in our development, we do not need to be distracted by anybody however highly placed.

    Finally, the security agencies should not be distracted or fooled by arrange stories of insanity or denials that those in detention are not involve.


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