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Uduaghan say Governor’s forum back removal of Fuel Subsidy; Senate name Fuel Subsidy recipients; America support removal of Fuel Subsidy

Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, said the Nigeria Governor’s Forum is staunchly behind the planned removal of Fuel Subsidy by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
Dr. Uduaghan stated, “I appeal to all Nigerians to support the subsidy removal because it is in the best interest of the Country, the Nation should focus on maximizing refineries in Nigeria, which at the moment are not functioning at full capacity. If a few people benefit from subsidy, why do we continue to have this subsidy? the money expended as fuel subsidy is unjustifiable and an avenue for the privileged class to rob it of social and economic development. All we are saying is… let our refineries work to the maximum. Let all the oil products be produced in our refineries, and if we do that, we don’t need to subsidize fuel. Until we are bold enough to remove the subsidy, we probably will not be able to do that.”
Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, said Nigeria’s refineries are currently at a 60 percent capacity utilisation, and promised that in 24 months, they will all be at full capacity.
Chairman, Senate Ad-hoc Committee investigating the management of fuel subsidy in Nigeria, Senator Magnus Abe, read the names of companies that benefitted from fuel Subsidy in 2011, the list includes, Oando Nigeria Plc, 228.506 billion Naira; Integrated Oil and Gas Plc, 30 billion Naira; MRS, 224.818 billion Naira; A.A. Rano, 1.14 billion Naira; A-Z Petroleum, 18.61 billion Naira; A.S.B, 3.16 billion Naira; Arcon Plc, 24.116 billion Naira; African Petroleum, 104.58 billion Naira; Aminu Resources, 2.3 billion Naira; Capital Oil, 22.4 billion Naira; Con Oil, 37.96 billion Naira; Avante Guard, 1.14 billion Naira; Avido, 3.64 billion Naira; Boffas and Company, 3.67 billion Naira; Brilla Energy, 960.3 million Naira; D. Jones Petroleum, 14.86 billion Naira; DownStream Energy, 789.648 million Naira; Dosil Oil and Gas, 3.375 billion Naira; Inco ray, 1.988 billion Naira; Eternal, 5.574 billion Naira; Folawiyo Energy, 113.32 billion Naira; Frado International, 2.63 billion Naira; First Deepwater Oil, 257.396 million Naira; Heden Petrol, 693 million Naira; Honeywell Petrol, 12.2 billion Naira; AMP, 11.417 billion Naira; Ascon, 5.271 billion Naira; Channel Oil, 1.308 billion Naira; Fort Oil, 8.582 billion Naira; Enak Oil & Gas, 19.684 billion Naira; Bovas & Co. Nig Ltd, 5.685 billion Naira; Obat Oil, 85 billion Naira; AP, 104.5 billion Naira; IPMAN Investment Limited, 10.9 billion Naira; ACON, 24.1 billion Naira; Atio Oil, 64.4 billion Naira; AMP, 11.4 billion Naira; and Emac Oil, 19.2 billion Naira.
In 2006, only MRS, Total, and Oando were officially listed as beneficiaries of fuel subsidy but in 2008, the list of fuel subsidy beneficiaries skyrocketed to a total of 23.
Nigeria House of Representatives said Nigeria is not prepared for the removal of fuel subsidy; the removal of fuel subsidy will deepen the sufferings of the Nigerian masses.
It can be noted that the the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Terence McCulley, said the Government of the United States of America is in support of the planned removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria. What are you thinking?

3 Responses to “Uduaghan say Governor’s forum back removal of Fuel Subsidy; Senate name Fuel Subsidy recipients; America support removal of Fuel Subsidy”

  1. Neil Warren says:

    Can I clone your article to my blog? Thank you.

  2. john says:

    24 months for the refineries to be in full working capacity but 24hours to remove fuel subsidy…….who is fooling who???????No working refineries no removal of subsidy period.

  3. what united state are thing about.there is not like dat in nigeria.because nigeria full with injustis.this our rulers because i cannot call dem leaders now.if then comot fuel sufsidy are then going to sale the fuel at how much izet 50 naira per litrs.because this 9ja the ruler are not looking for there masses.just they are looking how there porket go full.make there masses surfer.i didint see the value of this fuel sufsidy removal.our rulers in 9ja be no how you will became a leader.rulers in nigeria be think of this position dat you na dey.before you another ppl dey there one day.another ppl go dey there.


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