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Konduga, Others still at large, linked to bombing of United Nations Building

Ali Sauda Umar Konduga (a.k.a Usman Al-Zawahiri), member of Boko Haram, currently in Nigeria’s State Police (SSS) custody has been linked to the bombing of the United Nations (UN) House and the Police Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.
SSS intelligence indicated Konduga and others still at large were involved in the bombing of the buildings; screening of Konduga’s call logs revealed fresh intelligence on the perpetrators of the United Nations and Police Headquarters bombing.
A source who prefer to stay anonymous stated, “At the end of the day, the SSS will determine whether Konduga will still stand trial separately for the two incidents. But we have recorded a breakthrough, in fact, prior to the bombings, there were telephone calls between Konduga and some highly–placed people. The facts suggest that Konduga has been a key member of the Boko Haram sect, contrary to insinuations in some quarters. On Ndume’s fate, Instead of reading political meaning into it, those aggrieved should be at the court to go through security reports on him. These will be tendered in court.
There is no basis for political witch-hunt. We have arraigned him in court; he remains a suspect. The onus is on him to prove beyond reasonable doubt before the court that he had no link with Konduga. We cannot pronounce him guilty. We cannot join issues with any party but we have security reports on Ndume. We have his statement on oath and the Presidency was in the picture of our findings. We won’t stoop so low to release the security reports, but the court is there for all to go and witness the trial, based on our findings and counter-deposition by the Senator.”
Ndume’s family was supposed to meet with the SSS at a news conference on friday in order to discuss relevant issues, but the session did not hold because Senator Ndume asked his family not to be there.
Another source stated, “Nigerians should ask Ndume why he asked his family to shelve the Friday briefing. He must have had some information which they do not have.”
It can be noted that Konduga was sentenced to a nine-year jail term while Senator Ndume is still in the custody of the SSS.
Intelligence from the Presidency show certain politicians are trying to “politicise” Ndume’s arrest. What are you thinking?

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