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Uduaghan Opposition Killed

Chief Honourable Ogbe Onokpite, Candidate of the Citizens Peoples Party (CPP) in the Delta State 2007 and 2011 Gubernatorial elections was killed at Orhuwovru in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State in a supposedly bloody shootout with the police.
Members of a facebook group dedicated to the betterment of Delta State, Nigeria: “Liberate-Delta People’s movement” have been reacting to the death of Chief Honourable Ogbe Onokpite.
The following are comments from memebers of the facebook group, “Ogbe’s death is the most shocking news i’ve received in recent times….The Uduaghna Gov’t must institute an independent judicial panel of inquiry into the gruesome murder, in cold blood of Chief Ogbe Onokpite, with insunuating inferences of complicity in high places. The Delta State House of Assembly must also urge the Governor of Delta State to follow this line of inquiry as a matter of urgency because if Ogbe Onokpite, a known opposition figure in Warri, against Uduaghan, can be murdered just like that, then it all means no one is safe anymore. Even if he was caught negotiating purchase of arms, couldn’t they have arrestred and tried him accordingly??? I dont believe the story that he died form exchange of gun fire with the Police…”
“I totally support your call “…The Delta State House of Assembly must also urge the Governor of Delta State to follow this line of inquiry as a matter of urgency because if Ogbe Onokpite, a known opposition figure in Warri, against Uduaghan, can be murdered just like that..” The most worrisome is that Uduaghan has not even deemed it necessary to make a comment on the death of Ogbe Onokpite, a well known opposition figure. God bless Delta State.”
“Uduaghan, so one of your three point aganda “SECURITY”, is the elimination of political opponents like your cousin Ibori did. If the security agencies are that effective, why are armed robberies and kidnappings on the increase. Uduaghan, no matter your wicked plans and threats, you will also meet your waterloo.”
“I don’t understand,I thought Ogbe was based abroad.
Did he have any other grouse with Uduaghan apart from contesting against him ?.
This guy was my school mate way back at Government College and to a large extent well to do,so how did they say he was shot dead in a gun duel with the police,I never knew him as an armed robber.
The commissioner of police should throw more light, where was he shot, who are the other members of his gang, a whole lot of questions on my mind.” What are you thinking?

6 Responses to “Uduaghan Opposition Killed”

  1. My dear deltans if we all look very carefully we will see that he didn’t die by gun shoot or shoot out but he was beating and struggled to death. this is another way of Uduaghan plans out work and God will judge him soonest . deltans i call on you all to come and join hands as one to fight this fight as one and with you and i victory is show. his brother god father was a thief, his brother also a thief so what are we expecting from him thief as well……EEU must go ……………..2012

  2. if the only young man chief Ogbe Onokpite who have the Urhobo at heart in Delta state can be killed like nobody then the Urhobo’s in Delta should think very well, this boy came all the way from Canada to fight for his state and the betterment of his people but the few Itsekiri greedy people and the one in Goverment like them Ayiri, Thomos, Tonko the owner of Proteal among others of the 12 deciples of Warri and Itsekiri can put head togethe and kill and think all is well they lie. i beg all Urhobos in Delta state and far beyound to please realise right now that there will be other plans for them from this wicked tribe and powerful govt of Delta state. please watch your back and get ready anytime. like the Ijaw did. they can not kill any Ijaw person like this in Delta state.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh my this worth living for.How can we breath in this our nation can u murder a prominent man like excenlency ogbe onokpite just like a fowl.URHOBO youth are angry.human right were are they.we must fight back.GOD HELP NIGERIA.

  4. Name says:

    God come and help my country if things can happen like this why are they spending money for election and wasting the time of Nigerians they should stop election and continue with their murder act but they should remember God is watching i pray for peace in 9jia big in name but worthless in government level God come to 9jia i am begging on behalf of the better 9jirans.

    • Name says:

      Delts state government clap for yourselves…Itsekiri wado!!!As a man thinketh and renders to another fellow man thesame way it will me rendered unto him,after deceiving him from his hotel room to come downstairs and shooting him openly,you people have the guts to lie on the dead again and try to fool us all?Godbless u all.

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