Nigerians Saving Nigerians interview with controversial daughter of former Oyo State Governor

Nigerians Saving Nigerians
Good evening
Ms. Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
Good evening
Nigerians Saving Nigerians
Please, introduce yourself?
Ms. Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
I am a Popular Crime Victim advocate and Community Activist among other things in Toronto, Canada. I am a retired Pharmacist; i studied and worked as a Pharmacist in the united States of America. I am outspoken, i say what i believe in. I work for Yahoo News. I have interviwed many politicians and celebrities and I have been interviewed on CNN, Fox News, and other international media on issues relative to Nigeria’s Mutallab controversy. I was with Jay Z and Beyonce throughout their stay in Lagos, Nigeria during the Thisday Music Festival in 2006; i remember Beyonce asking me why People were hawking on the side of the street; she was surprised and she had sympathy for the Children hawking on the side of the street; i responded by stating to her “that is how it is in this part of the world” I am a journalist, a lot of People think i am a brat, no, i am not. My Dad paid for Pharmacy School, i paid for Journalism school. I am a proud Nigerian, i do not seek citizenship of any other country nor do i want to be the citizen of any other Nation. There are reports Online, that i am an advocate because i want legal status in Canada – I am a Legal resident of Canada. I have been featured in Canadian National Newspapers; the Toronto Police and Toronto Sun Newspapers endorsed me as a strong community leader because of my activism in reducing crime and helping catch gun murderers in toronto, i appreciate the endorsement but my passion is to go back to Nigeria in order to contribute my quota. I will be running for President of Nigeria in 2015 under the platform of the Women’s New Democrat’s Party. My Dad is a Chieftain in PDP, i do not like PDP, I and my Dad are sometimes at loggerheads because of our different political views. For example, my Dad stated during an interview that Nigeria is not worth dying for but i believe Nigeria is worth dying for and i am willing to die for Nigeria; My mentor is Benazir Bhutto. I was the Public Relations Officer of ACN – Canada but i left ACN after I heard Former Governor, Bola Tinubu and Gov Daniels and others in ACN were arrested by the EFCC. I am an Ethical person. “I don’t like any form of Looting” I left Nigeria when i was 15 years old, I lived in the United States of America and Canada for 34 years combined; i currently live in Canada and i have been here for 5 years. In those 34 years, I have attempted to move back to Nigeria three times but it was unsuccessful; I finally packed and shipped my property to Nigeria in 2006; i lived there for 15 months, it was “unlivable”; No Electricity, Noise from Generators are deafening, “how do you leave a country at 16, then come back to live there at 45 and it has not improved: it was disgusting. Some Nigerians shout all day about how bad Nigeria is and they still pander to the same wicked leaders that are impoverishing them. I am not a fan of Abiola, Abacha and Awolowo, and many other politicians, “they all destroyed Nigeria”; they only cared about themselves. I love Gowon; during Gowon’s administration, food was plentiful, the exchange rate of One Naira was worth more than One dollar, We had markets like Kingsway and Leventis that sold affordable and nutritious food items; everything was affordable during that time. Kingsway and Leventis were like Krogers – an American grocery store. In Nigeria’s history so far, apart from Abacha, the Military leaders have done better than civilian leaders; the best administrations were the Military regimes of Obasanjo, Murtala Muhammed, and Gowon.
Nigerians Saving Nigerians interrupt
why do you like the Military era more that the democratic era because i will think most Nigerians prefer democracy?
Ms. Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
The military regime is a kind of Democracy in the context of Nigeria, it is in the western world that they think the Military regime cannot be democratic; I believe in what helps the People.
Nigerians Saving Nigerians
Have you studied Chief Ojukwu?
Ms. Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
I grew up during Ojukwu’s era, Ojukwu was a tyrant, a villain; Igbo People were never disenfranchised in Nigeria; they were proud of Nigeria; Ojukwu had a personal agenda; One million Nigerians died during the civil war; he wanted to control his own people, he did not care about his own people; Nnamdi Azikwe was a honourable Nigerian but Ojukwu was not; Ojukwu wanted power by all means; A New York Times observer during the Nigerian civil war said Ojukwu starved and Killed Igbos in Biafra in order to blame the sufferings of the Igbo people on the Nigerian Government. Ojukwu got on a plane during the war and left his people to suffer; the problem with some Nigerians is that they like to live in denial; Some people agree with my views while some say i should apologize to the Igbo Nation, “who the F*** are you” “Biafra is Dead and Gone”, Ojukwu had no place in Nigerian Society; he was a separationist. Some igbos like to dominate people. After Shagari pardoned him and he came back from exile, what did he do as a leader? Ojukwu did not speak out against the ills in the Igbo community; After the civil war, Igbos as well as Nigeria as a country were beaten down; especially after Biafra, Igbos were Known for committing fraud worldwide; 17 Igbos were executed in China for drug trafficking – i was in the vicinity during the G-20 meeting and a reporter asked President Jonathan about the scheduled executions and he responded by stating – No comment. President Jonathan should have spoken up for the Igbo men that were executed, Igbos have the highest amount of refugee claims here in Canada, they lie to the Immigration and refugee board that they were persecuted in Nigeria for being gay that is why they fled Nigeria for Canada and most of them get their stay in Canada that way. Because of my dad’s status, i know information others may not know, Ojukwu was a pervert; former Governor of Anambra State, Christian Onoh’s little baby, Bianca, was being Christened in which Ojukwu was 30 at the time and was holding the baby during the ceremony-Ojukwu was Bianca’s Godfather, can you believe he ended up sleeping with his God daughter? and when Ojukwu asked the dad of Bianca for Bianca’s hand in marriage, “Christian Onoh slapped Ojukwu!” Christian Onoh had no choice but to eventually allow the marriage. Do you know it was in the neighborhood where my Dad’s Government house was, that they planned to kill Murtala Muhammed?
Nigerians Saving Nigerians interrupt
Don’t you think your comments may come across like you do not like Igbo People as an Ethnic Group?
Ms. Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
I have nothing against Igbo people; My best friend is Igbo. I am outspoken and i say what i believe in, some Nigerians say i only talk this way because i am in Canada and i should come to Nigeria and say all what i am saying; i have recieved death threats but i am not afraid of anyone; i will be in Nigeria to campaign and run for President during the 2015 Presidential Election; “the haters that do not like me should get their guns ready, i am coming with bigger guns” I am a fearless woman and an activist and Nigeria will be in for an awakening in 2015, i will raise funds through the Nigerian People, some People only befriend me on facebook becasue of my last name and those are the ones that hate me when they cannot get anything from me. Some people may be supporting me because they think when i come to Nigeria, i will be throwing dollars around, i don’t have dollars to throw around but i will run for President in 2015; i have a strategy. Even if i lose the presidential Election, i may be more famous than if i won, because People will know i fought a good fight. There is a lot i can do for Nigeria.

16 Responses to “Nigerians Saving Nigerians interview with controversial daughter of former Oyo State Governor”

  1. Fred says:

    Canada loves Kemi and she speaks out over there against white crackers rubbishing us as 419. As for Nigerians, Igbos are the scum of the earth. Why did Boko haram target them? Why do they never sit in their own side of Nigeria always moving to Lagos and other places. Good luck with Ojukwu’s burial if the coffin doesn’t explode first..

  2. LOL says:

    She is the most racist person against whites and her own people that I have ever come across. Sad. Just Google her. Canada doesn’t want her and neither should Nigeria.

  3. Serious says:

    With such great ideas and vocality, i think she should start this gospel of living right from her own home-front. A critic you are lacks objectivity and i dnt see any leader in you.

  4. LadyB says:

    I love her passion. With the right people on her campaign she can possibly succeed. I support her. We need something new in Nigeria. Why are people calling her loose? is it because she is a woman? no one calls men loose! pathetic excuse not to like her!

    • Name says:

      She is a good activist and loves to see Nigeria meeting up with the International standard where she lives. Her weak point is hatred and accuse fingers to the igbos. If she has anything personal with any igbo man or woman, please go and settle your scores and stop tarnishing our image. Nigeria is a corrupt country, people are suffering there but the main cause of poverty is the Government. In Kuala Lumpurt where I live, 4 Ugandan girls were butchered to death by Youruba boys for money rituals and police is after them now. So dont tell me the yourubas are the best while the igbos are the ugly. You never sound as a good leader and I dont see any hope in you. I remember one of her write up in facebook ” I will plan to lock Alex Ekwueme up”. Is this how you are going to be the president of Nigeria?

      Better you imbibe the spirit of love and oneness only that God will crown your effort with success.

  5. Menu Boy says:

    Nigeria is in for a rude awakening!! This woman is BIIZNESS!

  6. Name says:

    Well,millions of people will fail in life when they refuse to take normal life routine. Be careful,watchful & prayerful.

  7. Name says:

    Well,millions of people will fail in life when they refuse to take normal life routine. Be careful,watcful & prayerful.

  8. She is a mad woman. She is also a loose woman. Her parents are sad and crying because of this brat. A disgrace to the Yoruba race

  9. Name says:

    u should know to be a presendent of Nigeria, is not an easly matter. U should also knowing that being a leader of a cuntrie, is not a leader of a state or local government. My quastion is this. What plans do u have for the betterment of this great nations ln case if u become the presendent???? We have been hearing story from our past leaders, and we ar tired of hearing storys we need action. May d lord be ur helper

  10. Name says:

    interesting woman…Your heart is in the right place.

  11. Ralph says:

    Sounds crazy, flippant. Who cares if your father was a governor for 3-months. Nigeria had so many governors, anybody can be a governor in Nigeria.

  12. Ben says:

    This is the second time in two days that I am reading such vituperations targeted against the person of Ojukwu by the same person. Her branding of the Igbo people as a fraudulent nation bears investigating. What does she have against this people? It is not enough to state that her best friend is Igbo. I d not believe in stereotyping. I am sure she would not want people to also stereotype her people – first the Yorubas and Nigerians as a whole. She is not a good Ambassador of herself not to talk of Nigeria. If she is bold enough to attempt nation wide politics anytime, we will remind her of her comments.


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