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Buhari release statement regarding arrest of Senator Ndume

Former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, expressed himself through his spokesman, Mr. Yinka Odumakin, regarding the complicity of Politicians in Boko Haram.
General Buhari stated, “We insist on due process, proper and transparent investigation on the matter so that Nigerians can know the whole truth and nothing, but the truth. Also, no cover-up. if the information is true, it is a vindication of our position all along, the Presidency and the ruling party, have been playing politics with our security. For a long period of time, they were sponsoring all kinds of propaganda to say that it is their opponents who were responsible for the state of violence, who are behind Boko Haram. The President has been threatening that he knows those who are behind Boko Haram and we have challenged them to an extent to expose them, but they did not. Now that the truth is coming out, that it is the enemy within the PDP, who is being accused of being exposed as the brain behind Boko Haram, it has exposed all the lies they have told over the period of time and for watchers of events, it did not come as a surprise. The Presidency set up a panel on Boko Haram, the panel submitted its report 60 days ago, because the panel did not come out with something to support the lies they have been telling, we don’t have the whereabouts of the report as we speak. The Presidency also raised the Lemu panel, expecting them to do a hatchet job for them, adding that the panel had the integrity and came back to paint the real situation of things. So, with what has happened now, it is clear that it is propaganda on this Boko Haram thing and we demand now, a transparent investigation and this case should not be treated as a family affair because this is our national security. All those who are using violent groups like Boko Haram, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) to heat up the polity, their political ends, they should all be brought to book,” What are you thinking?

35 Responses to “Buhari release statement regarding arrest of Senator Ndume”

  1. Jama Tanke says:

    You got a very superb website, Glad I found it through yahoo.

  2. Wadings says:

    I think we shouldn’t be in a haste to draw conclusions, lets give the security men and Court the chance to do their thorough investigation, the truth shall truly prevail.

  3. Name says:

    Conscience hunts! Its becoming glaring that the post election violence is linked to Boko Haram. Buhari have never made any palatable /encouraging words in regards to security issues. He has questions to answer abt the menace of Boko Haram.

  4. Jabir says:

    Ow nigrieans i am sorry 2 say that this people are thretin you as ball. Thare cheeting u

  5. Olarry says:

    Interesting comments,amidst all these accusations and counter accusations,it is amusing to see how Nigerian’s bearing names similar to that of the Ex-generals name clamor support for his cause and vice-versa for the President………these leaders i.e President GEJ and Gen Buhari both have complicity in Nigeria’s woes…its high time we start looking for de polarized leaders and stop showing childish and mundane allegiance to block heads because we worship on the same day or bear similar tribal marks like uneducated and clueless minds!Its sad that we stare at the truth and deny it because of religion and ethnicity……….and no one can convince us other wise-its sad just sad.If Buhari is ALWAYS RIGHT to MUSLIMS and GEJ to CHRISTAINS,then we should forget about the farce called NIGERIA and split-since we have irreconcilable biased mind sets………However,we’ve come to far for that as a nation and our ‘Fathers’ blood won’t be in vain……… the earlier we shelve our myopic and convoluted inherited biases,the sooner our common dream called NIGERIA will be truly born,long live Nigeria!

  6. General, this is very true! I agree with your position and I respect it, the PDP and some selfish interest Nigerian were thinking that CPC have hands in Boko Haram, Praise AllAh! Truth have started showing it self and soon everybody will know it.

    • Name says:

      it is unjust to treat uneQUAL equally how can u b compering Bukhari with GEJ but on security issue let do away with politic & sentiment MEND & BK B DEAL WITH

  7. Name says:

    This is our problem,when it come 2 national security,we have 2 be realistic,and forget d issue of regional,religious,political and ethical differences.Let us face d reality and look d way forward

  8. Name says:

    I am very hppy that a good citizen and good leather of nigeria Gen. Buhari make this comment for d pdp to know dat d bad eggs amng dem who call themselve as a leathers in dis country are d one behind all dis menance and hide themselve under the unbrela of ruling party, please mr. President we Nigerians need an transperent investigation on this matter Nigerians wil not take any robish frm u people any more again playing over our laws, people have making comment evry where that Nigeria is a lawless country where evry body do whatever they want to do. Pls mr. President i wnt u to think and rivers ur plan on how you want to rule this country if not it will be too late for you and your mens. Great Nigerians Long live Nigerians. Thanks

  9. Name says:

    It is sad that general buhari decided to politicize this serious issue by bringing the pdp into the fray. Here we are confronted by a common enemy who had the temerity to send out threat messages to even the attorney general and minister of justice ( who by the way, is also a pdp man) and the general is making political points out of an issue that deserves statesmanly condemnations. When are we going to put aside this myopic political, religious, tribal inclinations and gear up for the development of our dear nation?


  11. Wummy says:

    Ds story is becoming intresting

  12. Name says:

    thank 4 mr president and our great leader

  13. the Patriot says:

    Well said our dear general. The truth can never be hidden, you will no doubt be vindicated as all those trying in vain to tarnish your undisputed clean image will never succeed. The lies and propaganda spread by the presidency and the ruling party to divert attention from their incompetence and kleptomania is surely unravelling. Even shameless and hungry voodoo witch doctors and satanists masquerading as religious leaders like CAN president Ayo Oritsejafor who is tarnishing the noble image of Christianity by spreading lies about you and his support of subsidy removal will be unveiled for what they really are.

  14. Name says:

    It is interesting to hear Buhari saying this, when he has previously alter statement that has led to the death of million of nigerians. But then he has said a very interesting point there should be no cover up for whom ever is mentioned related to BOKO HARAN episode.

  15. Iam very happy to hear a transparent and a law abiding citizen of nigeria like GEN MUHAMADU BUHARI speaking on the arrest of SENATOR NDUME,who is the senator under the umbrella of PDP the party that produces the president,there is no two way about this. The massege is clear that PDP so called law makers are not making any law in favour of nigerians they are rather braeking laws sponsoring youth to kill and destroy the citizens of nigeria.i want to advice those youth that think all hope is gone that with god all things are possible they should stop killing their relative just because of little change they get from this people

  16. Name says:

    Yes what general buhari was saying are capital truth, PDP were full of desperate politicians who can go to any lent to achieve their goals, like: DO OR DIE AFFAIRs (OBJ) , but don‘t foeget that we still have some among tham,that were in PDP, but working for the success of his favourite in another party mind you, the suspected senator might be working for the interest of someone else, try to search the pot to the botton, the security personel should do their woke diligently

  17. Name says:

    Pple voted out of sentiments,thank God every thing is coming to unfold,whosoever detest Buhari is an enermy of nigeria,sylvia brought 104% for gej,they won,pdp disqualified him,he is shouting fowl,now he(sylvia)wants to open the cans of wormz gej left,a blocked head presdent that can’t lead,75% of the pple that voted him are regreting,my conscience is clesr from top to bottom my thumb did not cast for pdp,if we talk you say it is because we want power in the north wait and see how the new zik of igbo land,the reprentative of a typical nigerian,the lover of masses,Rochas iwele okorocha emerges as the president and may God smash any igbo man that stands on our way,we are all watching,a stupid set of people that can’t do any better thing for this country,Bola ige was killed in day broad light and only for us to comfirm his whole security guards have gone to eat,leaving a minister’s house for launch?conspiracy of the highest order,rotten police,smelling judiary,a case that wouldn’t take upto 5 months is taking decades,the peace we want in nigeria will never give us the much desired positive change untill you and I rise up against them(the bastard few called the corrupt leaders)pope benedit comfirmed it that our leaders are corrupt,professor Tamuno David West challenged all past leaders to a tv debate but the present blocked head could not even say any thing as regards to the challenge he received from david west,I wish I meetthem one by one,stupid idiots.

  18. Dont abuse ndume he is not a member of boko haram. Hattara northern nigerian

  19. Naibi says:

    I think in line with your suggestions.

  20. Name says:

    buhari is just sitting on the fence. He should explain to nigerians his supporter actions after he fail elections or was it pdp that had those holiguns call supporter who enjoyed nothing than spliting blood? For god sake pdp or not pdp una dey same, leave us poor masses alone. How clean is ur hand anyway.

  21. Name says:


    I am loving it! :-)

  22. Name says:

    These people should stop playing politics with important issues like state security. If PDP were to hide the facts, the Senetor would not have been arrested, detained and tried. CPC chieftains should not exonerate themselves from the violence that erupted in the northern part of the country after the Presidential Elections. All the politicians from the north have their own part of blame on the Boko Haram matter. They should allow us to enjoy peace in the face of poor facilities in the country.

    • adams says:

      I think u need to examine ur brain with dis type comment coming out of ur mouth. U should know pdp better!

    • adams says:

      I think u need to examine ur brain with dis type comment coming out of mouth. U should know pdp better!

    • Name says:

      Very true. I agree with this position. Some eminent northern politicians have had their part in the violence which erupted in the zone during the elections just concluded. But sad it is to know that certain enemies within the PDP have taken advantage of this bad blood between the eminent rivals to sponsor and create rancour across the length and breadthe of this country. This isn’t the time for bad politics. Mr. President must at all cost proove to us that he is interested in the peace & stability of this nation by going all out against those behind this evil.

    • Very true. I agree with this position. Some eminent northern politicians have had their part in the violence which erupted in the zone during the elections just concluded. But sad it is to know that certain enemies within the PDP have taken advantage of this bad blood between the eminent rivals to sponsor and create rancour across the length and breadthe of this country. This isn’t the time for bad politics. Mr. President must at all cost proove to us that he is interested in the peace & stability of this nation by going all out against those behind this evil.

  23. MR. President the nation need to know the truth frm you Y cant u take the step of truth for once an acT as president that the citizen of this country voted for oR are you a lassier faired Leader that cann’t deceide for himself except those under do so for u…..
    Sir kindly wake up frm storm siR…

    • abdulmailife says:

      I see no reason y people who claims 2b wise dont understand simple english, nw i understand that the PDP dont want 2 here the truth.let the truth reign and shame the devil, this is all about wat we called conspiracy, its all about game plan

  24. I think Gen. Buhari or his spokesman Yinka should not be too hasty to exonerate themselves. The presidency could not have allowed the involvement of Sen Ndume to be made public if it is thinking along party or regime lines. The investigation is on and more facts is going to emerge. Buhari and co need not remind the presidency of an action they are already achieving positive results. The CPC only want to divert attention by using the recent exposing of Ndume to play politics. If the lives of Nigerians means nothing to Buhari as they do in the military, I think it means a lot to GEJ and his administration as a bloody civilians. Lets keep watching this events as they unfold, instead of making unguarded statements. It is my prayer that whoever that played any role in this BH menace, no matter how little the role is, will be brought to book and justice to take its course.

  25. Name says:

    Its like Nigeria have come a cross that we cant talk truth again.Imagine ex president of Nigeria saying this kind of word.Nigeria am sorry hence you people cannot saying the truth again.

  26. Name says:

    What Im thinking is that the Boko Haram appear not to notice the Universities built in the north and all the northerners who are teaching and studying in schools. Also , why have they not been attacked like the people in Odi.
    Listen, people, Nigeria is evolving and these MThrFkrs will one day cause more serious trouble, all the people in the political class today we all know are crooks. even the ones who are pretending to be saints are not really serious to think they can dislodge PDP with public opinion alone, a public who are under the thumb of the currupt security agencies of Nigeria?
    We know Buhari is also go questions to answer but he did try and spend the national money on the people when he was in power, since then the others are clue kess


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