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Nigeria Secret Police (SSS) announce Boko Haram has Political Sponosors

Nigeria’s Secret Police (SSS), announced earlier today that Boko Haram is partly being funded by Politicians.
SSS made this announcement after an alleged Spokesman of Boko Haram was quizzed.
SSS Spokeswoman, Marilyn Ogar, stated, “His arrest further confirms the Service (police) position that some of the Boko Haram extremists have political patronage and sponsorship, the suspect named as Ali Sanda Umar Konduga confessed he was recruited by a political party stalwart in Maiduguri, Konduga was the Boko Haram spokesman quoted in the media under the alias Usman al-Zawahiri. He was arrested on November 3. Konduga was a former political thug, One benefactor promised to pay him 10 million naira (45,000 euros, $60,000) to work for his party, but then died on his way to deliver half of the sum to Konduga. Konduga claimed a member of Nigeria’s National Assembly then took over the running of his activities. Konduga was behind threatening text messages sent to election tribunal judges and other threats made to politicians including former president, Olusegun Obasanjo. Konduga told security agents that threat messages sent to the chairman of an election petition tribunal in Borno state were scripted and relayed to him by the National Assembly member.”
It can be noted that Nigeria’s secret Police (SSS), did not reveal the political party involved with the sponsorship of Boko Haram.
Speculation hint Boko Haram may have links with Al-Qaeda. What are you thinking?

2 Responses to “Nigeria Secret Police (SSS) announce Boko Haram has Political Sponosors”

  1. Name says:

    I hope the SSS will lift-up to expectation because shielding them is like sleeping in ones room full of poisonous snakes… No to Impunity…
    All those involve should be exposed & face the dire consequences of their evil deed…

  2. Anonymous says:

    We knew from the begining that some body is getting some favour out of all this. They should go all out name all those involve


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