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United States Marines en route Nigeria

Ten Units of the United States Marines Special Forces from Fort Carson, Colorado, have been given 48 hours to deploy to Nigeria in order to help defeat Boko Haram.
United States Special Forces will move into Nigeria via the borders of Niger Republic and Chad.
Nigerians Saving Nigerians engaged in a discussion about the possible deployemnt of United States forces to Nigeria with radio station presenter, Sons of Africa, WRBB 104.9 FM, Boston, MA, U.S.A. The interview is below. What are you thinking.

Just to clear the air, when I stated during the interview “A lot of times, the problem in Nigeria is that there is no knowledge, People don’t have knowledge”, I meanth that in the context of the propaganda that the Federal Government of Nigeria and other State Governments expose via NTA and other Government suppoted media outlets, which I personally think is not helpful to the People. I also bought into that propaganda when I was in Nigeria, but Change has to come.

9 Responses to “United States Marines en route Nigeria”

  1. Meee says:

    This is disaster looming in Nigeria. There is nothing good in the US army coming to Nigeria. It would only lead to more disaster. How can a guest know your house better than you? Is it not better for the Nigerian army to solve this problem?

  2. Name says:

    There is nothing good in the US army coming to Nigeria. Does a guest know your house more than you do? This is disaster for Nigeria. We have to resit this now.

  3. Name says:

    Act of Terrorism is growing rapidly in Nigeria and it appears, our Leaders and Security Agencies are not up to the task.
    I am not saying that our Leaders and Security Agencies are not working or doing their best but look around Nigeria of Nowadays and you will agree with me that their best was not good enough.
    Bringing in the Marines is a good development but we need to ascertain that motive for Marines involvement is not derailed or U-turned by crafty persons!
    God b£€$s Ñíg€riä!

  4. LadyB says:

    One man can change the world!!!! NSN can change Nigeria.

  5. Name says:

    In my view,there is no nid 2 bring abt foreign forces.9ja prob is 4 9jerians let tackled d prob withn our slf.

  6. nafisah says:

    fingers crossed for the outcome.

  7. Name says:

    well this situation needs more debate

  8. Seun says:

    Thumbs up! That was a fine interview.
    Good job.


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