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Senator Mark Face off with President Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan met with the 109 Senators and the 360 House of Representative members that make up the Nigeria National Assembly in order to discuss pressing issues affecting Nigeria.
The removal of fuel subsidy, which has caused a vigorous national debate among Nigerians, took preeminence during the discussion.
According to sources, President Jonathan tried to convince the lawmakers to endorse his plan to remove fuel subsidy but his plea fell on deaf ears. According to sources, President Jonathan was quoted to have stated during the meeting “if the fuel subsidy is not removed, Nigeria may collapse in the next 15 years.” President Jonathan also briefed the Lawmakers on the effort being made by his administration to tackle Boko Haram; the President further told the Lawmakers that the threat of Boko Haram to Nigeria is unprecedented.
Senate President, David Mark, was candid with the President during the meeting. He told the President that the removal of Fuel Subsidy should not be his top priority, instead, the menace that Boko Haram portends to the nation should take preeminence on his agenda.
Senator Mark went further to state that Government should expose the cabal supposedly feeding fat on Fuel Subsidy since Government claimed it knows the Cabal.
Senator Mark was quoted to have stated during the meeting “”subsidy is the only thing Nigerians are enjoying from the government and phasing it out may cause crisis in the country.”
“We have heard what you said sir, but we have to go back and digest the message. In any case we urge you to do something about the security situation in the country. That is the most important thing for now.””
Speaker Aminu Tambuwal assured the President during the meeting that the House of Representatives will look at issues tabled before it in a holistic manner. What are you thinking?

4 Responses to “Senator Mark Face off with President Jonathan”

  1. Dankasa says:

    Sanator, i agree wit u entirely.

  2. Name says:

    ‘Thumb up’ for senator David Mark by being candid in telling mr president the minds of majority of Nigerians.Fuel subsidy removal is certainly not our priority now.I wish the president will listen to the voice of wisdom and recinds in its decision of subsidy removal nd face more pressing challenges of his administration that hv more impact on d citizenry e.g security,unemployment,power,infrastructure dev etc.Sen Mark you earn my respect.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the senator, the security issue in Nigeria should be President Jonathan’s top priority for now, as for the fuel subsidy it could come up after it!

  4. Name says:

    Sometimes the unexpected happens in Nigeria’s politics. It is too early to say whether Sen Mark has become the common man’s hero, as he may change and return to his natural skin at any time. We’ll be watching to see how things unfold. One thing though has become obvious, even to those who voted for PDP and not for him: Jonadumb is a national disaster. We missed a golden opportunity in not electin Buhari, and, God help us, we are rueing it.


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