Nigeria State Police (SSS) arrest Nigerian Youth for exercising his Constitutional and Human right – Freedom of Speech

Via Damilola Adekunle – “The Nigerian State Security Service SSS obviously acting on the orders of the President Goodluck Jonathan (now known for his ability to orchestrate evil things like illegal arrests and illegal removal of Justices) has detained the National Youth Council President Wale Ajani in a bid to stop Friday’s planned Abuja protest at Unity Fountain in Abuja on 11-11-11 from 9am and hunger strike. A source with him @ SSS office says he’s been held and questioned for hours now. Wale Ajani only last Sunday described the removal of oil subsidy as “EVIL.” This is another statement of intent by the Jonathan administration to remove any slight form of opposition in its bid to make the next coming days and years the worst in Nigerian’s history. This is a reminder that we are back to the days of unlawful arrests and obviously this long ceased to be a democracy because this is not about the people. Any government that is not for the people is against the people. More arrests are on the way from the look of things. I’ll keep you posted.” @omojuwa

7 Responses to “Nigeria State Police (SSS) arrest Nigerian Youth for exercising his Constitutional and Human right – Freedom of Speech”

  1. Adesina adewale says:

    Pls,i want to ask a?,,do our ppl in government travel at all,d level of d rich n an average nigeria is too far,it like 80%-20% y?

  2. Nikki Alben says:

    I really like your writing style, fantastic information, appreciate it for posting : D.

  3. Name says:

    is there no freedom of speech in this country again,the youth are doing the right thing,no job employment for d youth,graduate are everywhere in the country without job,is high time youth should rise up and fight for their right.what sss should be doing right now is how to arrest those boko haram and not arresting people that are fighting for their right.

  4. okey says:

    leave d young man alone, go and fight boko haram..fools


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