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Nigeria Security Agencies may be on top of Boko Haram

Nigeria Security agents arrested nine suspected members of Boko Haram at a secret location in Gujba, Yobe State, in relation to the heinous attacks that occured over the weekend in Damaturu, Yobe State. The names of seven of the Nine suspects are: Mohammed Musa Kafinta, Abbana Madu Melle, Babakura Madu Melle, Ba’ana Barbadus, Madu Melle, Suleiman Umar, and Mohammed Ali Waziri.
A source stated, “I can conveniently tell you that the manhunt in the last 72 hours by the JTF (comprising the Army, the Police, the State Security Services and other intelligence agencies) has led to the arrest of nine suspects.
These suspected Boko Haram members were holed up at a secret base in Gujba where they were arrested at about 8.30pm on Monday. The JTF’s preliminary interrogation of the men revealed that they were among those who executed the bombings in Damaturu and Potiskum at the weekend. From the JTF records, the suspects were on the wanted list of security agencies over the series of bombings in the Northeast. We had to quickly move the suspects away from Gujba at night to avoid reprisals from their colleagues who are still on the run. We will soon release their identities to the public after documentation and interrogation. This is certainly a breakthrough.”
Intelligence of Nigeria Security Agencies hint Boko Haram’s extreme attacks over the weekend may have had foreign support.
Another source stated, “The clues are most probable overnight invasion of Yobe State from a base outside the state; reprisals from fleeing Boko Haram members whose hideouts have been uncovered in Kano and Maiduguri; and the likelihood of external backing for the terror strikes. We have launched a manhunt for the bombers who wreaked havoc on Yobe State. The bombers operated like fleeing suspects pouncing on anything in sight. If you know the topography of Damaturu, it is easier to identify who is who. The truth is that the attacks on Damaturu amounted to an invasion from a base outside the state. That is the strongest clue we are working on. Recent security reports confirmed that the Joint Task Force (JTF) has gained far-reaching mileage in restoring peace to Borno State and the Northeast. There is also a suspicion of external collaboration. It seems Boko Haram is now operating from some of the neighbouring countries which have always had links with al-Qaeda. It is too early to talk about preliminary investigation, but the security agencies have a marching order to uncover the bombers.”
The Federal Government of Nigeria summarized the Intelligence statement, the United States of America released regarding Boko Haram striking major hotels in Abuja as “no news”.
The following is a statement signed by Nigeria National Security Adviser, General Owoye Azazi, “The attention of the Federal Government has been drawn to a publication making the rounds in the media of planned attacks on three major hotels in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. Expectedly, the publication is eliciting unhealthy public anxiety and generating avoidable tension. The current threat of attack on the three hotels in Abuja is not news, and for over three months, the security services have taken pro-active measures to protect the designated critical facilities and others. The Federal Government wants to advise members of the public that it would continue to ensure the security of lives and property under its jurisdiction despite the unfortunate events in Maiduguri and Yobe over the weekend.”
SSS spokesperson, Ms. Ogar, went further to state “We have internal security challenges and it is nothing new. And if you ask where did this information about likely attack on the hotels come from, it is basically from the internet, which subsequently somebody sent as an e-mail and we thought that had been addressed. I don’t see any problem that is beyond the Nigerian security agencies. Of course, we have deployed men and beefed up security everywhere. We said that on 26th or 27th of October, we had text messages making their rounds that some targets were going to be bombed in Abuja. In my subsequent press statement on November 2, we did say that we traced those that sent the message to a secondary school in Kagara in Niger State, students of 18 and 17 years and of course may be out of mischief, because they said there was an advert in a national daily that said if anybody had information concerning Boko Haram should send the information to a particular number. Maybe because they were idle, they decided to play pranks with it. So, you find out that Nigerians always use our various security challenges as instrument may be to frighten or create unnecessary fear and panic within the society. There is nothing that is above the security agencies. If America sent out that message, it is nothing too strange. It is not because our country is disintegrating. If Canada has followed suit, there is nothing new to it. We have had a wonderful Sallah though with some pockets of crises here and there, but they are not issues that we have not been able to contain. Even the US has security challenges and I don’t think they will say it is beyond their security agencies. It is not right to pass judgment.”
Ms. Ogar also encouraged Nigerians to share information with Security Agencies.
At least 150 People are believed to have been killed during the heinous attacks in Damaturu and Potiskum. What are you thinking?

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