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Governor Uduaghan threaten Facebook group with treason Plus Eyewitness video

Delta State Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan, called for a public meeting with representatives of ‘Occupy Warri’ protesters and other Civil Liberty campaigners in Delta State in order to discuss issues affecting Delta State and a possible Solution to those issues but the discourse changed as the meeting commenced; the embattled Governor assumed, during the meeting with representatives of the groups concerned that there are members of a Facebook Group named Liberate-Delta People’s Movement, whose activities he summarized with two words-’treasonable felony’ because members of the group are supposedly trying to remove him as Governor of Delta State. He went further to express that it is impossible for anyone to remove him from power as long as the court is located in Delta state because those that have tried to unseat him previously through the courts have failed and would continue to fail and threatened to prosecute civil liberty campaigners in the State with treason.
Members of the Facebook Group, Liberate Delta People’s Movement, received the statements of the Governor with awe and have been reacting to the statements of the Governor via the discussion section of the Group’s page.
These are some of the reactions to the utterance of the Governor: “This show us the level of people we allow to run the state of affairs of our state. What a shame that he does not even know the meaning of democracy and transpency in a gov of the people, for the people by the people. How dare he thinks he is running his father’s house.”
” I made up my mind a long time ago to ignore insane and irrational people like you. How can you partake in the game of sycophancy and pretend to be blind to the realities of the fact that Uduaghan has failed Deltans as governor? Let it be known that when Uduaghan leaves office, you may have to go on exile. Your peril is certain. Take this message to your colleagues who have also tried to kill truth.”
“Uduaghan can go to hell for all i care,he remains a criminal.”
Spokesman for Liberate-Delta People’s Movement, Mr. Cadre Drake, released this statement: ““The comments accredited to the Governor amount to threats and intimidation and can only be seen as an undemocratic attempt to avoid dialogue with the citizenry. It is sad that the Uduaghan Administration is making numerous attempts to stifle freedom of speech and desecrate the principal of citizen engagement as a hallmark of democracy and good governance. The citizens have a right to play a role in how they are governed, this is sadly missing in the Nigerian democracy and Liberate was established to give Deltans this opportunity; to call it treason is very sad indeed. Uduaghan’s utterances came at a time when members of Liberate have been facing constant threats and intimidation from members of the Uduaghan administration. On Facebook on October 26, several days before the governor lost his composure at the public meeting in Warri, someone writing under an assumed profile called Paul Cassidy, known to be used by Uduaghan employees, posted the following comment: “And there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth for members of the UK-based terrorist organisation, “Liberate – Delta State Movement”. The lead terrorists are: Stephen Dieseruvwe, Jude Kakpovbia, Orode Oyiki, Rex Ekiugbo Anighoro and Judith Akiri. What is treason? Treason is plotting to overthrow a sitting government by unconstitutional means. Beware! You are warned!!!!!!”".
Liberate-Delta People’s Movement released this statement to members of the Group: ” Remain cautious and vigilant but steadfast in addressing the issue of the governance of the State, and promoting accountability, transparency and progress.” Below, is an eyewitness video of the proceedings that led to the Election of Dr. Uduaghan as Governor of Delta State.

5 Responses to “Governor Uduaghan threaten Facebook group with treason Plus Eyewitness video”

  1. Nerice says:

    I’m so glad I found my slotuion online.

  2. Kingsley says:

    My good people of my sister state,this the best democracy could give any state led by the “PEOPLE DESTROYED PEOPLE {PDP}”govt in our dear nation,by the way did d people od delta vote 4 him? were the court judges pervert d judgment?wot else do you expect than brutalitx,pain,embezzment nd more of wot you all re seeing,but my god will soon visit many state.


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