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Bomb target Nigeria Military Patrol Vehicle

A Bomb blast rocked the city of Maiuguri, Borno State, Nigeria on Sunday around 8:47 AM targeting a Nigeria Military patrol vehicle.
Commander of Operations of the Joint Task Force in Maiduguri stated “There was a bomb attack targeting a military patrol vehicle, but there were no casualties,”
Residents of the affected area gave account of their experience, Resident Hammadi Yakubu stated, “There was a loud explosion, The explosion was the loudest I’ve heard so far in the city. Nobody knows the extent of the damage because the area has been cordoned off by soldiers,” Resident Ahmad Gana stated, “The sound was really terrifying,” Resident Bunu Zarabe stated, “I saw a siren-blaring ambulance speeding out of the area with a military van behind it.”
Eyewitnesses also said Residents in the Bulabulin Ngarnam neighbourhood ran away from their homes out of fear of a military raid in response to the blast.
In the past, after such explosions, Soldiers often combed through the surrounding area, killing residents, burning homes, and suggesting locals cooperate with the Violent Groups. What are you thinking?

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