Nigeria Village Files $1 Billion Suit Against Shell in the United States

By Nigerians Saving Nigerians:

A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the people of Ogale in the Eleme local government area, Rivers state, Nigeria against Shell in a Detriot, Michigan Federal Court. The civil complaint states: “the Nsisioken Ogale community is exposed to hydrocarbons every day through multiple routes such as frequent oil spills and pervasive air pollution from refining operations,” “At all times relevant to this litigation, Defendants knew or should have known that the crude oil contains chemicals hazardous to human health and to the environment and ecosystems”.

The Lawsuit was filed in the United States on the basis of the “U.S. Alien Tort Statue law”.

It can be noted that the United Nations (UN) report released August, 2011 calls the Ogale and the surrounding Ogoniland one of the world’s most polluted areas. The UN research team found serious groundwater contamination in the Eleme local government area; people in the area drink contaminated water with carcinogens at 900 times the World Health Organization’s safety limit.

The suit against Shell was filed on behalf of Ogale village by King Emere Godwin Bebe Okpabi of the Ogoni and four other tribal leaders.

The plaintiffs are seeking $1 Billion as compensation and immediate cleanup of the pollution and an injunction to require air and water monitoring.

Below are videos of the situation in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

Video Credit: Comrade Sunny Ofehe

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3 Responses to “Nigeria Village Files $1 Billion Suit Against Shell in the United States”

  1. OGEDE DU DU says:

    First of all are those filling this suite are you filling it on behalf of the people, or are you a son of the soil, looking to make some serious money for yourselves.. cos i know how we dey think…dont forget shell looks after a lot of wealthy nigerians whose job then is to keep the rest of us in our place… So please tell me if you were to be awarded this billion dollars, how much of it will go towards cleaning our polluted areas and how much is going to your new houses, fast cars and big booty and beautiful women… after all that is how we all dey be in that place….may sound humorous but true.. eh.

  2. Name says:

    Sue the pants off of them!


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