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NLC and Petroleum Resources Minister Clash

Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs Alison-Madueke, stated in Perth, Australia, that the date for the commencement of the subsidy withdrawal had not been fixed. She further stated: Government would stay action on it, until consultations with Nigerians are concluded. Besides, Government will raise a panel of Noble Nigerians to manage the cash that will be saved from the withdrawal of subsidy in order to ensure the cash saved from scraping Fuel Subsidy is spent to better the situation of the People of Nigeria. The Minister also stated that a Think Tank is being set up by the Federal Government and consultations are going on with Stakeholders on the Fuel subsidy issue. Nigeria Labour Congress responded by stating: “The reality is that despite the trillions of Naira budgeted annually for these basic needs, the roads remain in a deplorable state, public maintenance is absent, mass transportation is non-existent, youths are abandoned as are the public hospitals leading to high mother and child mortality rates. The NLC rejects the Petroleum Minister’s lamentation that Government cannot check the fraud in subsidy because ‘… we are not in a military regime, the market forces of supply and demand has to be allowed to a certain extent.’ “We think that this is a rationalisation of criminality and an admission of failure. We do not need a military regime, to deal with criminality, what we need is a democratic process of bringing culprits before a court of competent jurisdiction and dispensing justice.” What are you thinking?

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  1. Rosabel says:

    I literally jumped out of my chair and dneacd after reading this!


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