Nigerian Youth Stand Up To Nigeria Police

“”SHIT HAPPENS” GOT IT WRONG TODAY EVENING WITH THE NIGERIAN POLICE!” Before my eyes, a one star Police officer in Oshodi smashed the glass of a Danfo bus fully loaded with passengers and hurt the passengers because the driver was running away from paying 100 Naira. I challenged them and created a scene. They brought out handcuff and i brought forward my hands. They threatened to arrest me and i entered their vehicle. Our voices raged and Nigerians rallied round in anger after someone made comments to arouse them. It was serious. they were almost mobbed and when it was too much and i was busy addressing the crowd. they zoomed off before i could turn my eyes and left their duty post. My regret was that they did not arrest me. at least that would have given me a greater opportunity for a larger scene at the station.It was sad, i couldnt get their names because i would have made it public. However, i used the opportunity to preach to Nigerians and also tell them about MAGG and the campaign because i was putting on MAGG T-shirt. i guess that was why they did not risk taking me to their station. My observations; Nigerians are fed up with this molestations. little things now stir Nigerians up. soon there will be an up-rising of the people. After this campaign. the next shall be against extortion by the police. we must all rise to resist extortion by the Police.”
Experience narrated By Movement for Accontability and Good Governance (MAGG) Member, Mr. Jasper Azuatalam
MAGG Contact: 08069273483

4 Responses to “Nigerian Youth Stand Up To Nigeria Police”

  1. Marlien says:

    Great article but it didn’t have everything—I didn’t find the kichten sink!

  2. LadyB says:

    More power to you brother. We are all behind you.


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