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Obasanjo’s University, Bells University, supposedly does not treat its students well.

Voices of brave Bells University students were heard via twitter and also dramatized a peaceful protest on campus demanding School administrators deliver promised services to them. These are some of the tweets posted by students of Bells University: “@BellsUniversity: Dey claim dey r pumping money to buy deisel abi fuel abi kerosene for Generators… nepa we dey see pass!”
@BellsUniversity: We pay 640 for tution….40 for new hostel….40K for food monthly….3K for photocopy monthly….90K for Accomodation..*sigh*
@BellsUniversity: VC Is in skul….#Gbam allow him prepare his lies in d comfort zone of his Airconditioned …
@BellsUniversity: Our VC last month went to France,Greece,Scotland and Ibadan(House*Mansion) wen d skul is in crisis
@BellsUniversity: Wait! Wait! Wait! It has come to my notice….VC just acquired anoda car worth 5.6m…..jisoxxx! It iz WAR!!!!!
Shey u jst dey know nii!!”@BellsUniversity: You can’t and I repeat u KENT Owe Bursary 10Naira…..just 10Naira!!!!!!!”
@BellsUniversity: Bells University of technologý toilets are giving people Asmathic attacks…everyday
No dulling,make notin hinder u!RT”@BellsUniversity: Oya let d music Ginger You!”
Not even googleRT”@BellsUniversity: Wireless service……u can’t even open wikepedia”
@BellsUniversity: We see snakes everyday…shey na untils snake ask for person pin before dey do sumfin about it!
Chai!!!! RT @BellsUniversity: The smell in our bathrooms is dropping flies dead!
RT @BellsUniversity: No Class Today….walahi!
“@BellsUniversity: Why would Gurls be fetching water? Wth after 500K…….and Vc’s sorento is cruising up and down looking clean”lmfao ☺
@BellsUniversity: Chill sef! Dey said dey used 1.2billion Naira to build the two new hostels….chineke…and lift no dey inside one of dem

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  1. Eddie says:

    I feel saitifsed after reading that one.


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