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100,000 out of 330,000 Nigerian Police Force attached to Nigerian Elite

Chairman of the Police Service Commision, DIG Parry Osayande (retd), revealed to a senate committe on Police Affairs during a hearing on tuesday that 100,000 Police Officers played roles such as Bag Carriers, for the wives of some Nigerian Elite; DIG Parry Osayande (retd) believes a special force has to be trained as guards in order to fulfil the needs of Nigerian Elite instead of using scarce Police Manpower to feed their ego. The Police Service Commision Chairman stated during the hearing: “are these 150 million Nigerians supposed not to be protected, if only a few fortunate individuals are being protected by over 100,000 policemen?” The Deputy Senate Leader, Abdul Ningi, responded to the Police Service Commision Chairman by stating it was unfair to have such a huge disparity of Protection of Nigerian Citizens. During the hearing, DIG Parry Osayande (retd), went further to highlight some administrative factors that stifle the effectiveness and efficiency of the Nigerian Police; those factors are misappropriation of Limited resources, contract scams, and little to no oversight of the managers of the Nigerian Police. The Police Boss also highlighted some practical occurrences in Nigeria as a result of the poor management of the Nigerian Police; some of the vices he highlighted that can be traced to Nigerian Police Officers are: complicity with criminals in order to protect them, facilitating escape of criminals from Police custody, collecting bribes from Individuals in order to scrap legal cases filed against them, complicity in the transport of contraband, stealing from accident victims, and supply of weapons and Police uniforms to criminals. What are you thinking?

4 Responses to “100,000 out of 330,000 Nigerian Police Force attached to Nigerian Elite”

  1. Honeysuckle says:

    Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on thrgouh.

  2. Kaylee says:

    Didn’t know the forum rules alwloed such brilliant posts.

  3. This matter is unfortune to their admistrative concen and is true,in which they forget that must of them they are not from elite family and they are employed to serve nigerian not site or sectional since we are all nigerian. Thanks uncle Dsp retired we like any that tel the truth.


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