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United States Supreme court to hear case involving Ogoni 9

The United States Supreme court has agreed to hear a case involving Shell and the role Shell may have played in the execution of Ken Saro Wiwa and 8 other Human rights activists in the Niger Delta region. This development comes as a result of a petition by relatives of Ogoni 9 to the United States Supreme court requesting the review of a torture suit against Shell previously denied hearing by a lower court in the United States of America. In 2009, Shell agreed to pay $15.5 million as settlement of a case involving Shell vs Relatives of Ogoni 9; Shell was accused of Human rights abuses in the Niger Delta in the early 1990s in that case. In a statement released by Shell after the settlement in 2009, Shell stated ““will provide funding for the trust and a compassionate payment to the plaintiffs and the estates they represent in recognition of the tragic turn of events in Ogoni land, even though Shell had no part in the violence that took place.” What are you thinking?

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  1. Gina says:

    Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good inofrmation.


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